Podcast 313 – “In a German Salon 1983″ Part 1”


Guest speaker: Timothy Leary


[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“The way we define intelligence is the amount of information energy you can receive, that you can store and retrieve, and that you can transmit.”

“It’s very intelligent to be able to live as long as you want to. It’s stupid to die.”

“It’s obvious that the blocks to evolution are anything that keeps you from changing, or discourages you from changing. And almost all the religions tell you, ‘Don’t change.’”

“There are no bad drugs. There’s simply stupid people who don’t know how to use them.”

“Drop out means to drop out of any line of conformity to any system.”

“Now I’m telling people to Turn on, Tune in, and Take Over.”

“Wherever you have the big religions, or the big totalitarian forces, they hide the body. They make you feel ashamed of the body.”

“It’s hard to have to figure out what do I really feel that I want. It’s much harder to be yourself than to be a conforming person.”


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“Ready Player One” A Novel
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  1. Just watched the biography and as a long time saloner, kudos, my friend. It is so good to finally get to see how you evolved and transformed as you went on your very special journeys. I have always felt that I have known you, now I can say that I feel that the connection between you and the other saloners is real and tangible thing. Hope that Esalen went well.

  2. Hello Lorenzo, though this comment doesn’t have to do with this particular episode of the podcast (which, by the way, I really enjoyed), I figured it would be a way I may be able to get in touch with you about an idea I recently had.

    I was thinking the Salon could sell a T-Shirt similar to the T-Shirts the Dopetribe sells, only ours (of course) would feature a big old “The Psychedelic Salon” on the front. Perhaps the back of the shirt could feature an amalgam of faces of those inspired humans whom you feature on the Salon.

    The price of the shirts would be enough to break even, plus an additional five dollar charge that would go to a “monthly cause” like Erowid, or the latest psychedelic Kick-Starter project. Plus, they’d bring more curious visitors into the Salon.

    I don’t know, just a thought. Good luck at Esalen!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I like your idea, and things like that have been proposed in the past. However, I want to be sure to keep the salon completely clear of any kind of commerce. That said, if you put something like that together and have a URL I can point to I would be happy to publicize it for you, since you’ve come up with a way to help people like Erowid, etc. . . . Good idea!]

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