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Mailing Address for Psychedelic Salon donations
Lorenzo Hagerty
P.O. Box 131133
Carlsbad, CA 92013

Bitcoin Address for Psychedelic Salon donations: 1G8xbW4tMCSh5xgaDi2qg27owsEJEHwUKz

Bitcoin address for donations to the Psychedelic Salon

Bitcoin address for donations to the Psychedelic Salon

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Outside of my monthly Social Security check, my only source of income is through donations made by my patrons at Patreon,com. Donations made by my patrons not only provide me with a small monthly income, they also will be used to keep these podcasts from the salon coming your way. So Patreon donations are two-fold: 1) They will support the continuation of the Psychedelic Salon podcasts; and 2) They will help support my work as a writer. You may find the specific details about what I’m writing and what you will receive in return for your support on my personal Patreon page here.


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