Podcast 314 – “In a German Salon” Part 2


Guest speaker: Timothy Leary


strong>[NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.]

“Since World War II, in the Western societies, the generation you belong to is almost a different species.”

“It’s a wonderful time in history to be alive when young people are doing things better than grownups. Because that’s a key sign that evolution’s happening, because evolution only happens with young people.”

“I feel that it is necessary, if you want to continue to evolve, that you have to learn and be comfortable with computers.”


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Juan Enriquez:
“Will our kids be a different species?”

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  1. Yuuup, when I listen to talks presented in the salon, I listen to them together with a community, with Lorenzo at the center of the circle as someone responsible for gathering us. Terence is in some sense brought back, not only through many people listening to his talks as they are found on the internet, although that is an important part of it, but also by the dialogue (or “polylogue”) that we engage in here and elsewhere as an open community.

    I don’t “wait around” for Lorenzo to do anything, I just appreciate very much what he does when he does it, because he tends to do wonderful things at synchronistic moments in my life. But I also use various sources. Your comment uglifies mine, and I’m not happy about that, Yuuup. I encourage you to comment here more often so that you may rectify the image of your self that you are leaving us with.

  2. Really all terence mckenna talks are in torrents which can be found on thepiratebay.org or kickass torrents. Look around, all of terence’s talks are already out there. YOu don’t need to wait around for this socialist dictator supporter Lorenzo to get you the information you seek.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Hmmm, of which “socialist dictator” do you speak? In the event that you are speaking of Obama, I am most definitely NOT a supporter of his in any way. I consider him to be even worse than Little Bush.]

  3. When you mentioned that there will be years of new McKenna talks to come, I started to roll around and giggle. What joy!

    It’s like what Bruce Damer says: You guys are bringing Terence back.

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