Podcast 554 – “How to Make it in Psychedelic Futurism”


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Guest speakers: Daniel Pinchbeck and Michael Garfield

Daniel Pinchbeck speaking at the first Palenque Norte Lectures during the 2003 Burning Man Festival.
Photo by Lorenzo


Date this lecture was recorded: August 30, 2017

Today’s podcast features the author Daniel Pinchbeck and some friends at the 2017 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held during the Burning Man Festival. Besides discussing his books, ibogaine, and ecology, they also give us their thoughts about evolution and culture.


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Entheogenesis Australis 2017 Outdoor Psychedelic Symposium

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One Comment

  1. I really enjoyed Daniel’s summary of the modern human predicament in the first half of this talk, especially the concept of agricultural, industrial, information and wisdom ages, all building upon each other. After such sober and insightful comments, I was then really surprised when he started on about the ark of the covenant being an “anti-gravity” device that was used to part the red sea (?!) and the Egyptian contact with South America. Terence et al have taught be highly skeptical of such unanchored speculation! As article in the Summer 2016 issue of the Dragibus magazine (http://www.dragibusmag.com/) demonstrates, it was not necessary for Egyptians to travel all the way to South America for hair shaft tests done in the 20th century to reveal traces of nicotine, cocaine and THC. The African continent contains a number of active species in both the Erythroxylaceae family and nicotiana genus, and cannabis was not present in the new world until much later. I haven’t read his book 2012, but this type of stuff sounds a bit sensationalist, designed to sell books more than anything. But then again maybe I need to have a more open mind 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I think that your mind is very well opened. Thanks for the comment.]

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