Salon2 054 – “Lorenzo at Entheo Medicine”

Support Lorenzo on Guest speaker: Lorenzo PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: January 19, 2019 Today’s podcast is part of a presentation that I made at a recent Entheo Medicine event in Santa Barbara, California. The title of my little talk was “Psychedelic Renaissance – Creating Your Own Community”, and the program notes […]

Salon2 052 – “Ibogaine Therapy”

Support Lorenzo on Guest speaker: Richie Ogulnick PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: December 17, 2018. Today’s program was recorded during last Monday’s live session of the Psychedelic Salon. It features a conversation/interview with Richie Ogulnick, who is a leading expert on the healing properties of ibogaine, particularly in ways it is being […]

Podcast 557 – “Updates on Psychedelic Research”

Follow Lorenzo on Guest speaker: George Greer PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: August 31, 2017 Today’s podcast features Dr. George Greer, one of the co-founders of the Hefter Research Institute. In this Palenque Norte Lecture that he delivered at the 2017 Burning Man Festival, Dr. Greer not only covers the current state […]

Podcast 554 – “How to Make it in Psychedelic Futurism”

Guest speakers: Daniel Pinchbeck and Michael Garfield PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: August 30, 2017 Today’s podcast features the author Daniel Pinchbeck and some friends at the 2017 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held during the Burning Man Festival. Besides discussing his books, ibogaine, and ecology, they also give us their thoughts about […]

Salon2 035 – “ICEERS & Plant Medicines”

Guest speaker: Benjamin De Loenen PROGRAM NOTES: Year this lecture was recorded: 2017 In today’s podcast Benjamin De Loenen, the founder of ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research and Service), talks about things that led him to start this organization, which comes to the defense of plants and is dedicated to sharing the science […]