Podcast 397 – “Art and Other Disruptive Technologies”


Guest speakers: Joh Isaac Mitchell & Michael Goldstein

A Palenque Norte LecturePROGRAM NOTES:

Today we feature two interesting talks: Art as Technology and Crypto-anarchy. The first talk is from the 2013 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held at the Burning Man Festival. And that story is followed by a concise explanation of how bitcoin technology evolved and that cryptocurrency is only the tip of its iceberg. And should you harbor fears that bitcoin is a government operation, there is this quote by Michael Goldsetin:
“Satoshi could have been an NSA backed totalitarian, but his protocol is strictly anarchist. He could have easily been paid by the government to create it, but he created something that the government itself cannot shut down. And the protocol itself is strictly anti-government in the sense that it does not allow for government.”


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by Neal Stephenson

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  1. I’m gonna have ta listen to this probably 50 times , to achieve even rudimentary absorption.

    But it gave me chills.

    I live in an immensely ignorant pocket of American culture(s).

    And I feel like the doofy creature flopping up onto the sand from the muck.

    Back their I’m too weird and inefficient for muck purposes.

    And out here in the alien arid there are so many nimbly self assured and exceedingly( seemingly?) more “evolved” than I.

    And these advanced fellas are of all sorts. And they are picking teams!

    I think I need to dive back into the muck to see if some of my muckien friends just need help seeing the nubs that are growing on their hind sides and if their tail might be slowly shrinking ….

    Any way. If it takes 50 listens. So be it!

  2. Hey Lorenzo,

    What’s going on with Nick Sand these days? I found his talks some of the most inspiring and poetic on the salon, and there seems to be so little information on him available. I’m sure he has some amazing stories to tell, and maybe you are the guy to help bring his voice to the community 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Nick’s still in the mix. Easter at the Shulgin’s found him sitting next to Sasha.]

  3. I’m speechless about all contemporary shenanigans, but here’s a functional e-addy for once..

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