Podcast 639 – “Our Culture Was Our Politics”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Paul Krassner PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features one of the true heroes of the counterculture, Paul Krassner. In addition to leading the creation of our underground press, Paul was friends with important free-speech advocates such as Lenny Bruce and Abbie Hoffman. If you were alive during the so-called Sixties, […]

Podcast 623 – “Timothy Leary Meets Jiminy Glick”

Support Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Timothy Leary PROGRAM NOTES: Dates when these interviews were recorded: 1973 and 1992. [NOTE: All quotations are by Timothy Leary.] “The best philosophers often end up in prison. … Most of the men that I model myself after have been lucky if they just got away with being in […]

Podcast 567 – “Psychedelicize Yourself”

Follow Lorenzo on Patreon.com Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: Date this lecture was recorded: April 1995 [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “I take psychedelics to be the catalysis of language.” “This great period of creativity that we’re living through now in the sciences, in the arts, in the implementation of exotic technology, […]

Podcast 524 – “History Ends In Green” – Part 1

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “I cannot conceive of mature human beings going from the cradle to the grave without ever finding out about [the psychedelic experience]. It’s like not finding out about sex or something. It’s just too weird. It’s a part of our birthright. It’s […]

Podcast 481 – “The Deep, Dark Sixties”

Guest speakers: Timothy Leary, Abbie Hoffman, Danny Sugarman, & Lorenzo PROGRAM NOTES: Today’s podcast features talks by Dr. Timothy Leary, Abbie Hoffman, and Danny Sugarman, as well as audio from the trailer for DeepWebTheMovie.com. This is a podcast that you may want to listen to if you value your right to freely use the Internet, […]

Podcast 428 – “Aliens from Hyperspace”

Guest speaker: Terence McKenna PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.] “After you fiddle with psilocybin for a while the question of whether or not there is an alien intelligence becomes moot.” “We are embedding ourselves in a matrix of silicone and glass.” “ We are beginning to embed ourselves into a cultural […]

Podcast 427 – “Stand Up And Be Counted!”

Guest speakers: Lorenzo Hagerty & Chris Hedges PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: All quotations are by Chris Hedges.] “I think when we speak today about American values what we’re really speaking about are corporate-instilled values.” “When you spend over a decade brutalizing people, people become brutal.” “You can’t use the word ‘liberty’ when your government watches you […]

Podcast 420 – “Grover Norquist at Burning Man”

Guest speaker: Grover Norquist PROGRAM NOTES: The final speaker at the 2014 Palenque Norte Lectures, which are held at Burning Man each year, was Grover Norquist. According to Wikipedia, “… he is an American political advocate who is founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, an organization that opposes all tax increases and a […]

Podcast 401 – “Surveillance and Revolution”

Guest speakers: Glenn Greenwald and Stefan Molyneux PROGRAM NOTES: “What the NSA has done is essentially converted the Internet from this unprecedented zone of freedom into the most powerful means of surveillance ever known in human history.” -Glenn Greenwald [NOTE: The following quotations are by Stefan Molyneux.] “If we have a bitcoin universe, you don’t […]

Podcast 397 – “Art and Other Disruptive Technologies”

Guest speakers: Joh Isaac Mitchell & Michael Goldstein PROGRAM NOTES: Today we feature two interesting talks: Art as Technology and Crypto-anarchy. The first talk is from the 2013 Palenque Norte Lectures that were held at the Burning Man Festival. And that story is followed by a concise explanation of how bitcoin technology evolved and that […]