Outage Notice

I just want to assure everyone that all is well.

Our site was offline for two days due to technical issues that are now being investigated and resolved.

I apologize for the interruption in our service,


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  1. Whew, Lorenzo!

    I was just trying to share-the-love (on a DATING site, no less…yes, it has come to THAT) when I discovered the Salon was down. I linked to the iTunes feed instead, but felt really guilty about it.

    When I checked back a few days later and saw your explanation, I was so relieved, and promptly updated the link to come directly here. Much, much better!

    Even if I never get a single “date,” introducing just one more person to these crystalline gems of cyberdelic space will make all the rejection and humiliation worthwhile…almost.

    Much love to you brother, and to all my brothers and sisters here in the Salon!


  2. Hello Lorenzo,

    good to see you’re back on-line to do the good works. Thanks for spreading all the knowledge from the elders. McKenna changed my perspective on life, keep them coming please.

    A salute to you from Holland.

    Collorado rocks: weed from the machine? What the f are you doing out there? Rastaman vibration?


  3. Hey Lorenzo, glad all is well. Many people were worried about you in the Salon on Facebook. I reconveyed your message there. Lots of love ~E

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