Podcast 394 – “Shulgin Farm Research Update 2013”


Guest speaker: Paul Daley


Today’s podcast features the 2013 Palenque Norte Lecture by Dr. Paul Daley in which he talks about Sasha Shulgin, his life and his work. Paul is one of the key people who has stepped in to consolidate and continue the experimental research begun by Dr. Shulgin. In addition to telling about Sasha’s chemical research, Dr. Daley also talks about some of the reasons Sasha has given for why he does what he does. And we also hear about some of the ongoing research taking place in Sasha’s laboratory, including research into a possible remedy for cluster headaches.


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  1. Hello all!

    Does anyone know what is the question asked to Paul Daley at 50:45?

    It starts with “Actually Sasha didn’t. If you’re familiar with his second book TiKHAL”.


  2. This was one of the best non-McKenna lectures I’ve heard in the salon to date, albeit a very sad one. Thanks as always Lorenzo.

  3. That’s very sad to hear about Sasha’s health. Few people have changed the world like he and Anne have.

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