Podcast 395 – #WaveOfAction


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The Worldwide #WaveOfAction begins April 4, 2014 and runs through July 4, 2014. During this three-month cycle, people throughout the world will be protesting corruption, rallying around solutions and taking part in alternative systems. The new paradigm will be on full display. As our part in this WAVE, the salon will feature periodic reports from this global ripple in our species-consciousness. This is the first of those podcasts.


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Actify ~ Wave of Action ~ 4.4.14

Video sources of audio segments

Dwayne Hoover’s Podcast

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“Mushroom Man” (download)

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  1. May I have a direct link to the “Mushroom Man” song featured at the end of the podcast? Apologies for my techincal Insufficiency. (much love) ; momo

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I just added a link in the program notes (above) to a better quality version of the song.]

  2. You mentioned term ‘white hat hacker’.

    I’m not sure whether I’m the one but I just want to share these:

    On many occasions I wish I was in the US. I think I’ll get there, for now creating my reality here. Thank you for fantastic podcast and you should be more often on the show, your comments are making all the gig worthwhile!

  3. I did not recognize how low on the clock my bravery gage really was till I listened to this episode.

    I’ve had my absorber observer eyes on the WWWA.

    Gotta get my shit together for real , it seems.

  4. Lorenzo,
    Great PC, I look forward to the next one in the Wave Of Action series. I am that guy who has wasting time and not doing what I was put on this earth to do. Your closing statement on this PC clicked in my head!!! I hope I can do what I need to do to change and help change!

    Thanks for all you do Lorenzo!

  5. Cheers Lorenzo! I’m spending the day revolutionizing my mind by learning as much as possible about permaculture, listening to your podcasts and running in the woods.

  6. Hello Lorenzo, great podcast! I had came up with a poem that could be turned into some lyrics. I thought I would donate the words to you and maybe you could find someone to turn it into a song. I do play and could do it myself but I would like to give this to the cause and listen to someone else’s take. I am still one of your biggest fans! Thank you Lorenzo!

    Consciousness of mind

    As I look up into the sky,
    It’s then I realize society’s a lie,
    It Discriminates, Permeates,
    Infiltrates our consciousness of mind,
    Who are they & why do they decide,
    On what to think & how we’re to abide,
    Class action, Denies abstraction,
    Why are we slaves to their satisfaction?
    We can’t deny it, But we can Defy it!
    Even when they claim Occupy is just a riot.
    We can’t deny it!
    But we can defy it!

    We are ruled by an Oligarchy,
    Controlled by the few, That we never see,
    They control us, They console us,
    They want us to believe, That they are we!
    We must define, Our ally,
    And Occupy, Everything they deny,
    We have a reason, We have a goal,
    We have a choice, We better not ignore,
    Fast action, Mass abstraction,
    From what they want, To where we’ll go!

    We can not deny it!
    But we can defy it!

    We are the consciousness of mind and soul!

    By John A. Tackett

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