Podcast 393 – “A Serious Look At Our Planetary Future”


Guest speaker: Daniel Pinchbeck

Daniel PinchbeckPROGRAM NOTES:

“If you step back from it and really think about what the mass media does on a global scale, the most significant thing it does is coordinate behaviour.” -Daniel Pinchbeck

Today we feature Daniel Pinchbeck’s 2013 Palenque Norte Lecture. This talk/conversation took place late one night during the Burning Man Festival in the big tent at Camp Soft Landing, which hosted the annual lecture series. Prompted by questions from the audience, Daniel touches on a wide range of topics that included Rudolph Stiener, reincarnation, ecology, shamanism, mysticism, planetary crisis, morphagenic fields, and he even touches on Bitcoin.


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  1. I didn’t like the part where Daniel talked about hitting the scientific materialists. Approx 13:00 I don’t see how anything psychedelic stands contrary to scientific materialism or vice versa. Why the false dichotomy?

    We had enough fundamentalism in the Bush years. Does the psychedelic community really have to go down that road? I think Daniel is suggesting that people open their minds, and this is important, but I think that opening one’s mind in one area doesn’t mean it should shut down in another…

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