Podcast 293 – “The Power of Art and the TAZ”


Guest speaker: Peter Lamborn Wilson


[NOTE: The following quotations are by Peter Lamborn Wilson.]

“Why are artists still meddling, or mediating, between people and their desires?”

“All livelihoods are arts, from midwifery to war, nothing is mere labor.” [In reference to gift economies.]

“The artist sacrifices talent for money. The audience sacrifices money for talent.”

“One can no longer distinguish between cops and cop-culture, the media-induced hallucination of a society designed by its lawyers and police.”

“Ten minutes in a video store should convince any impartial observer that we live in a police state of consciousness, far more pervasive than the Nazis.”

“The first step in any real utopia is to look in the mirror and demand to know my true desires.”

“I will argue that illegality means more than mere law-breaking. Illegality as a positive attribute of the Temporary Autonomous Zone implies that the very structure, or deepest motivation of the TAZ-group necessitates the overcoming of consensus values, and that this is true when even no statute or regulation has been broken.”

“The Temporary Autonomous Zone should serve as the Matrix for the emergence of a Sorelian myth of uprising.”

“The Temporary Autonomous Zone cannot be realized solely as a hedonic exercise any more than the revolution can be realized without dancing, as Emma Goldman put it.”

“Today quilts. Tomorrow, perhaps, The Uprising!”


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BrainMeats Podcast
Episode 1 Occupy BrainMeats

The inaugural episode of the BrainMeats podcast is devoted to the Occupy movement and what hackers and makers can do to support the protesters on the ground. Willow spoke over Skype to Ari Lacenski, Eleanor Saitta, Matthew Borgatti, Rubin Starset, and Smári McCarthy about the history of OWS, the meaning of illegibility within the movement, software tools for protesters, and more.

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  1. respect to you Lorenzo for addressing this issue, sorry if I was being a pest but I learned some of my activist nature from you… 😉 please dont stop the podcasts and again my apologies if my approach was a bit overbearing.

  2. very disappointed 🙁

    COMMENT BY LORENZO: The above comment is the result of my not approving several previous comments accusing Bey of being a pedophile, none of which came with any substantiation. After being pestered by this person to the point where I’m thinking about giving up these podcasts, he finally sent an email with some links. I’m posting the email here. You can decide for yourself if Hakim Bey’s poetry is too confrontational for you. Personally, I think that our audience is intelligent enough to figure this out for themselves. Here’s the email:

    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Hey man, thanks for the overall excellent podcast but I am writing today to express sadness that you are endorsing the work of an admitted pedo/child abuser… Now I know art and pushing boundaries is one thing but after researching Hakim Bey I am very disappointed that you have included him with the esteemed members of the Salon. It is never OK for an adult to think that children are capable of consenting and Peter Wilson/Bey does not seem to agree with this. Please consider removing his post out of respect for the young of the tribe. Thanks again man, don’t let this email come as a downer because I know you mean well! Peace and happy holidays.”

    Examples that I read with a non-biased approach:
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Libcom is a small collective of libertarian communists based in and around London, UK, who maintain the website libcom.org.
    Miniver Cheevy is an alias of some blogger who wishes to remain anonymous.

  3. Last week, for the first time in easily 5 years, I picked up TAZ!! Then, I check my ipod after it updated podcasts and voila! Thank you SO MUCH for this rarity! It fits so well here!

    One quick nitpick: TAZ was circulated as a pamphlet in 88 or 89 first… a few years before the book and even more years before the web, etc.

    Also, be prepared for some hatemail! There are a lot of detractors out there that really get uncomfortable when Bey/Wilson goes on about “boys” in any sexual way. But, overlook that and assume safely that Bey is writing poetically about things in a free, post-Reichian way, and -my personal theory- that he is sort of playing with the “mask” of “pedophile” to really keep the posers and hangers on away.

    Too bad Bey seems to have ceased writing… we could use him now!

    Keep up the great work here!

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