Podcast 273 – “Indigenous Plant Wisdom”


Guest speaker: Kathleen “Kat” Harrison

Teotihuacan in 1961PROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Kat Harrison.]

“If a bird you’re not used to seeing comes and sits on a tree outside your window and calls, and calls, and calls. It’s not just a bird of a trip. It’s a bird that has a message that it is sending you that may be positive, that may be a warning. It’s something you pay attention to.”

“You really need to, at least part of the time, speak [out loud] to the entity that you are invoking the presence of. That the whole idea with these medicines is to go into an active, right now, relationship between beings. It’s inter-species communication.”

“In order to do this kind of magical work, energy transforming work, you have to create a vulnerable oasis. You have to be willing to be open and be vulnerable, and in order to do that you have to set up protection around you, around the people you’re working with, or even the place you’re working. And one of the ways to set up protection is to plant plants that carry that kind of protective power around you.”


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  1. Having discovered your podcasts about three months ago, I’ve been listening through the entire library (and now I’m also working through Shroom With A View which I found because of your mention of them). Of all I’ve heard so far, Kat Harrison and Jonathan Ott are my favorites. I just feel like I could listen to either of them all day long!

    This particular talk has effected me deeply since the first time I heard it a few weeks ago while laying under the stars on a hot summer night. I’m especially fascinated by what Harrison said about shamans across the Americas seeing Tobacco as the most important ally, “How could you pray without it?” This has led me to spend some very deep time in conversation with that plant.

    Thank you so much for making all of these talks available, and for your wonderful commentary before and after.

  2. Haha around 20 mins she says “infiltrate” and it sounded just like Terence, I cracked up. Kat is so delightful.

  3. Many thanks for yet another informative talk by this beautiful soul… anyone else out there with any of Harrison’s previous tapes/lectures should start coughing them up now! It’s getting serious out in the global drama-sphere and it’s voices like Kat that help us maintain balance, center, and a much-needed feminine perspective.

  4. Seriously! THANKS. Absolutely loving these talks from Kat and I echo the request for moooore if you have them.

  5. Another great talk Lorenzo! Thanks for all the work you do.
    I’m also really liking these Kat Harrison talks, so if you have more please lay them on us.

  6. Wow, thanks for sharing another Kat Harrison talk and lots of love for the Gaian Botanicals link Lorenzo! I really appreciate that. You are the best!


  7. Lorenzo,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the recent Kat Harrison talks. They’re a refreshing source of wisdom from such a wise sage.
    Please, share more if they’re available!

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