Podcast 265 – “Lawyers Lie”


We are saddened to report that Eric Hart suffered a heart attack and died quite suddenly on December 9, 2011. He will be deeply missed.

Guest speakers: Eric Hart and Matthew Pallamary

Eric Hart & Matt PallamaryPROGRAM NOTES:

“[If you are in police custody] Never say a word. Don’t ever talk to the cops under any circumstance. If you’re a suspect, or you’re being arrested, nothing can be gained from it. They will twist whatever you say. It can only be used against you, just like the famous Miranda advisement. You have a right to remain silent. So remain silent. Even if they’re yelling and screaming at you to talk, refuse to talk. That’s a basic right that you have. It’s one of the only effective rights we have left from the Bill of Rights. So exercise that right, or else whatever you say will be twisted around, and it will end up leading to your conviction.” -Eric Hart, Attorney … Email: LawyersLie (at) ymail (dot) com … Web site: www.EricDHart.com


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  1. to Matt C
    I really appreciate your sincere comments, You are right. It is like a police state. I have a book coming out in the near future that deals with this subject. Don’t let bitterness take you down. Instead, take pride in knowing you are one of the privileged few who are aware of the
    draconian nature of your society.

  2. I have had many experiences on both sides of the law. I currently work at a small LE agency in the Southeast and have had occasion to call them for help. That being said, I have also witnessed the abuse of power by some in uniform. Society has conditioned us to believe that everyone on the side of the law is truthful. That’s not necessarily true and it is a disservice to those who seek to help themselves. Eric and Mateo have shared very valid and useful information here. They have presented it with respect, integrity, and dignity. Bravo to these two friends who are trailblazers for people in need of an honest answer regarding their rights and freedom. Lawyers may lie, but these two don’t.

  3. Thanks Esquire both for your comments and for supporting Eric with the download.

    It is much appreciated!



  4. Excellent episode and commentary as usual! I went and purchased Eric’s book for my kindle reader after I heard this. Thanks Lorenzo, I can’t wait to hear the interview with Dennis next week. – Fellow Esq. 🙂

  5. I’ve enjoyed most of the discussions here on P.Salon, this was no exception. I always tell people who don’t know any better to “know your rights,” and I feel good when they ask me what I’m talking about. I feel its important to not let that sort of knowledge ONLY be for the educated, and I’m only able to share what I know because of amazing programs such as this.

    Thank you for doing good work; the information is easily transferable to the masses (albeit one person at a time) who will never hear this or any podcast offering similar tips. It’s an important aspect of our freedom.

  6. You don’t have the right to remain completely silent. I learned that lesson that hard way. I was charged with obstructing an officer for not identifying myself. Also learned that cops can get away with just about anything so don’t piss them off even if you haven’t committed a crime. The ordeal has made me very bitter about police. I’m saving money to buy land outside of town. This city is eating me alive.

    Ha-ha sorry for the rant. I’m downloading this podcast now. Maybe I’ll learn something that will keep me out of jail.

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