Podcast 264 – “The Search for AI”


Program moderator: Timothy Leary

Early attempt at artificial intelligencePROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a recording from the Timothy Leary archive. According to the label on the file, this is a recording of a television show that originated in Toronto, Canada. It was called Enterprise, or something like that, and this program took place sometime in 1983. The guest host that night was none other than Dr. Timothy Leary, and his topic for discussion that evening was Artificial Intelligence. … For me, one of the highlights was to hear a famous MIT professor predict that home computers would never catch on!


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Fall & Winter (the movie)


The Coming Technological Singularity:
How to Survive in the Post-Human Era

Vernor Vinge
Department of Mathematical Sciences
San Diego State University
(c) 1993 by Vernor Vinge

BB’s Bungalow Number 44
Remembering the “Bear”

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