Terence McKenna: Drugs, Computers and Other Stuff


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


In this insightful talk, Terence McKenna delves into the intricacies of human cognition, emphasizing the stark difference between smart and less intelligent individuals as a matter of pattern recognition from the same data. He challenges the conventional notion of language being an innate, genetically driven trait by highlighting its unique emergence compared to other natural processes. McKenna further explores the transformative power of consciousness, likening the hunt for arrowheads to an intentional act distinct from natural occurrences like lightning. This discussion underscores the profound impact of human intent and the shaping of our world through conscious action.

Books by Nick Herbert

Herbert’s books, such as “Quantum Reality” and “Faster Than Light,” brought quantum mechanics to a broader audience and inspired discussions about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, the EPR paradox, and Bell’s inequality. These discussions, in turn, contributed to the ongoing development of quantum computing by fostering a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles and paradoxes underlying quantum theory.

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  1. psychedelic thinking and exploration of the abyssal language-performace. projectiles are reaching many more than just one draft

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