Podcast 705 – Terence McKenna – “Don’t Take This Seriously”


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


In this engaging and entertaining talk, Terence McKenna shares a mind-bending theory about the universe, combining astronomy, ancient civilizations, and quantum physics. He suggests that a catastrophic event 32,000 years ago at the galactic core could have triggered the development of human language.

His discussion covers quasars, gamma rays, and the concept of non-locality in quantum physics, suggesting that the universe communicates important messages across vast distances instantly.

The talk also explores the potential for time travel, the significance of the Mayan calendar, and the role of humans in preserving novelty and life in the universe.

As is often the case, Terence emphasizes the importance of skepticism, urging listeners to critically evaluate information and seek the truth, while weaving in personal anecdotes and humor to keep the audience engaged. As he says, “I’m not interested in selling a line here. I’m interested in triggering self-reflective and analytical thought.”

Harvard Scientists Say There May Be an Unknown, Technologically Advanced Civilization Hiding on Earth

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  1. who is the person in the image for this episode?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: It is an AI generated image of no real person.]

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