Podcast 688 – McKenna at Esalen 1985


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Guest speaker: Terence McKenna


Today’s program features a recording of a morning workshop that Terence McKenna let at the Esalen Institute in August of 1985. As you will hear, it takes place just before their noon lunch break, and there is no lecture per se. Instead it turns into a salon-like atmosphere with no particular topic, other than the then-current concerns about the millinium and the year 2012.

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  1. This is the first instance of hearing Dennis’ wife Sheila mentioned. They separated in the 90’s while living in Lake Wobegon (really!). They have a daughter. We never hear much about the families of the famous brothers. Perhaps in the book about Terence that Lorenzo mentions from MIT Press, we’ll learn more about the McKenna offspring. It’s natural to wonder how the children of this tribe have handled the noteworthiness of their parents.

    Kat is an artist of impeccable skill BTW. Lux Natura once carried packets of blank-inside gift cards with her extraordinary drawings of inhabited vegetation on the covers of each card. I have a box of them squirreled away which I come across every few years and am so pleased to see them each time I do.

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