Podcast 689 – McKenna at Esalen 1985 Part 2


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Guest speakers: Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna, Eduardo Luna, Kat Harrison


This is a recording of a workshop session at the Esalen Institute from August of 1985 featuring a conversation between three of the early pioneers of the psychedelic resurgence. The recording begins with Terence postulating the importance of pyschedelics in the early mental development of humans.

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  1. You might try running these poor quality tapes thru an Adobe sound product that fixes background noise and other distortions, forget the name but look it up! Also, there needs to be an archive of all of Terence’s works for the blind and others…

  2. First time at the salon thanks to the JRE, fascinated! diving down an alchemy hole, your work is amazing Lorenzo. Thanks for everything you do.

  3. Absolutely superb work, Lorenzo! Thank you for bring this to the light so could enjoy hearing the conversation

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