Podcast 490 – “Bridging Western Medicine and Shamanism”


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Guest speakers: Veronica Hernandez & Shonagh Home

Veronica HernandezPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a conversation between Veronica Hernandez and Shonagh Home. Veronica Hernandez, is a clinical psychologist and shamanic practitioner. Born in Peru, since 2006 she has been trained on shamanic facilitation. She received her clinical training at the Institute of Rational-Emotive Therapy, New York, under the supervision of Dr. Albert Ellis. She was assistant professor at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and research assistant at the Hospital Psiquiátrico Noguchi de Lima (Peru). In the United States, she worked as a Social Services Clinician at John Muir Health Hospital’s Inpatient Psychiatric Adolescent Unit, California. Currently she is completing her doctoral degree at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, where she is carrying out research on the healing and transformative benefits of entheogens, especially Ayahuasca. Among other topics, Veronica and Shonagh talk about children using pharmaceuticals, personal growth, spirituality, Jung’s concept of a shadow, and processing psychedelic experiences.


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  1. GREAT TALK! I really like that you have women in the Shamaness role, interviewed on your podcast salon. My experience with Ayahuasca is the encounter of an unconditionally loving feminine entity, and I have never worked with a female shaman. To hear the intricacy of the feminine perspective, and the feelings associated with the experience, I look forward to working with a woman. This is fascinating, because both speakers have such a great grasp of psychotherapy, and the talk on shadow work is essential for all Saloners who frequent this podcast. The shadow is such a tricky beast to approach, because it is so well insulated by our subconscious and ego. Home and Hernandez do a great job of casting light on the shadow, and how crucial it is to confront this aspect of ourselves when doing cleansing or healing work. Jung is essential for all people psyche-interested, and they do a great integration of his work with the role of medicine work for the modern civilian. Knowledge is half the battle. Thanks Lorenzo, great talk. You’re a hero for bringing this to a wide audience.

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