Podcast 489 – “The Art of Event Organizing”


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Guest speaker: Annie Oak

Woman's Visionary CongressPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features the 2015 Palenque Norte Lecture given by Annie Oak at the Burning Man Festival. In her talk, Annie takes us on a tour of the various factors involved in organizing events such as festivals, dance parties, and theme camps. As a co-founder of the Woman’s Visionary Congress, now in its 10th year, and as a co-founder of a major theme camp at Burning Man, not to mention numerous other events that Annie has helped organize. Also, in this podcast the tragic death of fellow saloner Kai Wingo is discussed.

Women’s Visionary Congress

Camp Soft Landing

 Kai Wingo Obituary

Go Fund Me Contributions to help Kai’s family

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