Podcast 424 – “The Magic of Language”


Guest speakers: Shonagh Home & Diana Reed Slattery

The Maze Game by Dianna Reed SlatteryPROGRAM NOTES:

Today’s podcast features a conversation between Shonagh Home and Diana Reed Slattery who is a practicing xenolinguist and psychonaut. She has been investigating linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere for over 15 years. Her website, Psychedelics & Language, details this research. Her science fiction novel, The Maze Game, tells the story of one such language, Glide. Her latest book, Xenolinguistics: Psychedelics, Language, and the Evolution of Consciousness comes out in January, 2015, from North Atlantic Press.

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Shonagh Home
is a teacher, shamanic practitioner, and the author of
‘Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine,’
Love and Spirit Medicine,’
and the upcoming, ‘Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissae Speaks.’

Website: www.shonaghhome.com
Contact: shonagh.home (at) comcast (dot) net

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  1. I’m wondering why Diana needs a ‘machine’ or ‘technology’ to contain her whole life.
    Aren’t we, in a way, a ‘machine’ with just that capability?
    Is it a natural response to search for something outside ourselves to contain this information? Because, if I’m being honest with myself, we all seem to be doing it (as far as I’ve seen and known people).
    Maybe there is a technology already in place that contains all our lives and from which we can extract information. Maybe that’s what subconsciousness is…

  2. I saw some pretty similar glyphs on one of my experiences when I was at a comlete dark room. They were streaming down on a Kind of waterfall, way too fast to recognize ech of them or even remember an order. But now I know there’s more to these kind of glyphs…
    I interpreted it as a communication that you could watch like a movie, or visually “listen” to a story, without languabling anything of it, but still you receive something.
    Pretty fascinating.
    The more I listen to the salon I am convinced that there is something on an other side that just can’t be ignored If you had the psychedelic salon.

    So thank you Lorenzo for channelling and spreading all these experiences from different people.

  3. Fantastic
    Thought provoking
    I agree with both women and to quote uncle ben “..with great power comes great responsibilty.” 🙂
    Shonaghs reservations and dianas embrace(I realize they both see both sides) I think displays the beautiful balance that we require as a tribe.
    With awareness we shall persevere.
    Thank you Shonagh
    Thank you Diana
    Thank you Lorenzo

  4. Here are my thoughts after hearing Shonagh Home and Diana Reed Slattery’s Magic of Language discussion now for the second time:
    So Diana designing software – yup a good thing. But enhancing the human experience and evolving solely through science? Not quite my thing. What about mother nature? What about natural evolution without technological or scientific influence? How do we know we’ll get it right if we manipulate the human species- man & woman, with artificial tampering via technology? My husband has two hip replacements but even as marvelous as they are, I know he would do anything to have his original healthy natural hips instead of titanium/cobalt chrome hips.
    It seems like Diana is promoting Transhumanism. The ism in transhumanism denotes a practice system or ideology or movement and trans means changing or crossing two points. The SCI in science means splitting like scissors do; or as in the church splitting from science.
    So why would I want to change being human? I like that I am from the earth and that the hu in human pertains to being of the earth and to everything that it is to be human – our voice, our shape, our human nature. Transhumanism would mean going against nature & against my own humanness as a woman, & change into something other than who I am, something scientific, or split off from my human nature, my voice, my shape my qualities I have as a human.
    I don’t think we are bio-mechanical beings because DNA worked fine by itself before computers – nature worked better before science and technological interference. In the vision state I’ve seen molecules returning to where they came from in the earth and hence pollution was cleaned up via mother earth taking care of it…. We are human animals in a sense, created to live in harmony with the other animals & plants on our planet. I think if we stay away from artificial intelligence and RF pollution and EMF pollution that we will continue to evolve naturally in the right way.
    Just because Diana can caress her computer screen does not mean its o.k. I’ve seen little children caress their computers and their play stations and their Nintendo DS and ignore their Mom, ignore each other, & ignore their Grandparents who drove many miles to come spend time with them. I’ve suffered the neglect from a former spouse because of his obsession with computer games at the cost of spending loving, nurturing, quality time with his wife and children. How is that good? A computer isn’t going to love you back. A computer isn’t going to grow you a non gmo organic garden, technology isn’t going to replace the sound of the wind through the forest branches, leaves and plants.
    Personally, I see technology as a tool. We write books, we research and learn off the internet – we can go to college online. We collate data at work and keep our work life in order using the tools of technology. With technology we have social media and connect with friends and family – however its NOT the same as sharing a meal, going camping together in nature. Virtual camping would SUCK! No stars, no campfire, no swimming in the cool waters of a pristine mountain stream under the beautiful hot summer sun. No smell of sweet spicy pine needles, the sound of birds, or seeing a deer cross our path….I’m with nature and the wonders of what Mother Earth provides and no technology will take that from me.
    I say the more we focus on nature and allowing the natural systems to heal and restore itself, the better off our evolution on this planet as human men and women will be.

  5. From the top of my head (What I can remember) I’d like to say

    One description of protection reached me later into an autism state, where I live.

    You can keep your berries (your joy).

    But I couldn’t find love in Carlos Castaneda’s writings. #shapeshifters. (saw ’em last night

  6. With regard to my feelings on technology – to say that I am “scared to leave Mother Nature” and implying I see everything as “rainbows and butterflies” is rather patronizing. I love and respect nature and I will do everything I can to preserve it. Earth is our home and if we destroy her we destroy ourselves. Period. The end. Regardless of what technology is available, if the natural world collapses from human arrogance and carelessness, this planet will be a living hell for all.

    Technology is indeed a double-edged sword. It can help in many ways and at the same time, we have very real and very concerning issues to deal with regarding electromagnetic radiation. We as a people MUST be mature and responsible and bring forth SAFE technology. There is mounting evidence that long-term exposure to low-level RF/EMF radiation has deleterious biological effects that include DNA fragmentation. The safety of our children is a huge issue here as well as the preservation of the delicate eco-system in which we all live. For those of you who are quick to dismiss nature altogether, here are the words of one scientist from a study titled, ‘Drosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sources:’

    “Assessing the possible link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and genotoxic effects, a number of studies have reported DNA damage, cell malformations, apoptotic cell death, changes in chromatin conformation and micronucleus formation in different cell types of organisms.” (Lai & Singh, 1996 Lixia, et al., 2006; Ruediger, 2009; Zhao et al., 2007).

    Some of the guys might find this study a good read:
    “Use of laptop computers connected to internet through WiFi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation,” Andrology Australia,
    Authors, C. Avendano, A Mata, CA Sanchez Sarmiento, GF Doncel, Dec. 2011

    There are other studies far too numerous to list here. Suffice to say that we have a major problem on our hands and if we don’t face the pressing issues technology is creating, we are going to experience tragic consequences. In addition, the navy’s ploy to conduct electromagnetic war “games” in the pristine WA Olympic rainforest is immoral and an outrage. Anyone who has engaged entheogens in an old growth forest or other pristine nature space can’t not feel called to object to this egregious misuse of technology. I call to the good psychedelic warriors who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box to lend your fine minds to coming up with creative solutions to this mess. ~In service, Shonagh

  7. Thanks so much Lorenzo for making the psychedelic salon work and happen. I love listening to the Mckenna raves and other speakers like this one.

    Most of what is talked about has death and extinction as its main themes. But the question enters my head…. What does it matter if there are no humans left here to cognise the incoming data from the world around. Even if there’s no one here to do this, won’t the world just keep ticking over without it having to be observed. So why all the fuss over existence when we all eventually die naturally anyway?

    Just a thought 🙂

  8. This was my favorite podcast coming from the Shonagh Home series… This was a very refreshing and thought-provoking talk… The conversation definitely went out there into weird territory! My comment was towards Shonagh’s reluctance towards technology. I understand that it is scary leaving mother nature, but like the first commenter said, “nothing in the universe is outside of nature”, and every manifestation from the human mind, is in fact still a manifestation of nature, because WE are IT. Also, the idea that everything will be rainbows and butterflies is not really close to what we can expect. Everything comes with its mirror image, so our potential for elevating our consciousness through technology comes with a potential for danger as well. Just like we see in nature, which has a dark side too. Nature is light, compassionate, loving… but it can also be ruthless. So as we make the journey from monkey to angel, acknowledging the shadow is a way of taming it and keeping it at bay. Anyway, my .02 cents! Peace

    By Mark Wells

    Dear Lorenzo Hagerty, Bruce Damer, Shonagh Home and Diana Reed Slattery,

    The conversation between Shonagh and Diana was the most potentially explosive debate that I have heard inside the Salon for some time. It raised some enormous and serious issues concerning humanity’s relationship to technology, which had me (for the first time in as long as I can remember) vocally disagreeing out-loud and passionately adding my two cents, as the recording played. That is not normal. . . . . . . . . . [you can read the rest of his comments here: https://fillbe123.wordpress.com/tag/mark-wells/

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Mark, I apologize for not approving your entire comment here. Since it runs to almost 11,000 words, includes multiple links, and is 20 pages long, it is an essay and really isn’t suitable for a comment. Plus I find your reasoning convoluted and just plain wrong. Also, you seem to assume that there are such entities as a supreme being and a devil. Not all of us believe in such things. Therefore, everything you say, being grounded in Christianity, makes no sense to me. Sorry about that, but I’ve outgrown those superstitions.

    Regarding your psychedelic experiences, my advice is for you to avoid psychedelics of all sorts from here on out. They are obviously not your ally.

    P.S. And you are clearly wrong about my age. I’m not in the Baby Boomer generation.]

  10. If I were stranded on a desert island, these are the two people I would definitely want there with me. Diana Reed Slattery has her feet firmly on the ground. 10/10 to both of you and thank you!


  11. Nothing in the universe is outside of nature. Humanity’s thrust into technology is a physical way to reconnect globally outside the spiritual realm. This thrust is our birth and mother earth is delivering us weather it kills her or not either way we are here to carry her on. No birth is ever certain and most look like every thing is out of balance in the moment but after all it was worth it. When we are birthed I predict our technology will look more natural to us because it will be us. All technology starts with a thought that begins in our minds and the further we go the more it looks like our mind which is how we see ourselves so whether we merge with it or it merges with us it is the same coin. Thanks everyone for another great talk.

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