Podcast 403 – “Sasha Shulgin: In His Own Words”


Guest speaker: Sasha Shulgin


On June 2, 2014 Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin passed on to his next adventure. Although this podcast is a tribute to his life and work, I have decided to let it be told mainly in his own words. First you will hear the audio portion of a video tribute to Ann and Sasha Shulgin. Following that is a short interview of Sasha that was conducted by Terence McKenna. In closing I play the famous talk that Sasha gave at the 1983 Psychedelics and Spirituality Conference.


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A Tribute to the Shulgins

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  1. thanks lorenzo, another sage gone down, praise the universal nonlocal simultaneity of eternal bliss 🙂 leary, hofmann, owsley, mckenna, shulgin, ramana, suzuki roshi, meher baba, who now shall guide us through the dukkha to nibbana? let me sit with that a bit on the old zafu and see what the many-worlds bodhisattvas have to say about it …

  2. A wonderful tribute to an outstanding individual who touched many lives in countless ways.

    Also, I am wondering which version of sweet dreams you are using at the start of the podcast. I’ve never heard it before and I would like to know so I remember Sasha each time I listen to it.


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Our theme song for all of the podcasts is “El Alien” by Catal Huyuk http://catalhuyuk.org/%5D

  3. Lorenzo, I could feel your pain and passion in this episode. It is hard to find words to describe what this podcast illustrates to me. I am eternally grateful for Sasha and all the love and light that he brought into the world. He is, in my opinion, one of the most important human beings in recent history, homo divinius indeed. All that said, I know that what he meant to me pails in comparison to what he meant to you. A guiding light extinguished. May your light shine bright enough to continue lighting the way. May all of ours.

  4. The mind and the sea, both uncharted territories that should be explored as the earth was in days of old.

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