Podcast 402 – “Global Psychedelic Research Update”


Guest speaker: Rick Doblin


[NOTE: All quotations are by Rick Doblin.]

“Once you’ve produced the scientific data that’s necessary to make a drug into a medicine, you’ve gone a long way towards mainstreaming the acceptance of these drugs as having beneficial properties. And then the step to legalization is not that far behind that.”

“The government has a monopoly on the supply of marijuana that you can use in FDA-approved research. So even though there are 20 states and the District of Columbia [that have legalized medical marijuana], and there’s marijuana everywhere, we’ve spent seven years trying to get 10 grams of marijuana for vaporizer research. We’re the only people in America that can’t get 10 grams of marijuana.”

“We are all dying and we all have some anxiety about it. And so people are more scared of dying than they are of drugs. If we can show that people who are facing death can be assisted with psychedelics that’s a powerful message.”


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“The New Drug They Call ‘Ecstasy’ ”
(New York Magazine, May 20, 1985)

“Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate” (video)

“Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate” (podcast)

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