Podcast 384 – “Sex, Aging, and Psychedelics”


Guest speaker: Annie Oak

Annie Oak & Alicia DanforthPROGRAM NOTES:

Today we feature a Palenque Norte Lecture given by Annie Oak at the 2013 Burning Man Festival. This ground breaking founder of the Woman’s Visionary Congress continues to push the envelope of psychedelic discussion into two of the most important issues of all to humans, sexuality and aging. Additionally, Annie issues several challenges to us all as we continue to expand our own consciousnesses.


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Woman’s Visionary Congress

Consciousness, Healing, and Social Justice

The Psychological Dark Side of Gmail

Google is using its popular Gmail service to build profiles on the hundreds of millions of people who use it.

Occupy Madison builds first house in planned eco-village for the homeless

Daily Psychedelic Video

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  1. Does this speaker have any formal education on aging, health, and/or sexuality? Pharmacology? With all due respect, this talk seems truly flaky and silly to include in the Salon.

  2. Ouch it really bums me out that Annie mentions that shes giving her talk instead of Shonagh Home. The bad taste in my mouth from Shonagh’s Podcast #360 “Medicine Oracle & Spellbreaker” is still there and its been half a year. Would have loved to hear Shonagh talk to have the chance to change my mind about her.

    To Lorenzo,

    please keep the Palenque Norte Lectures coming. Lord (Goddess) knows I love all the new Terence as much as the next guy/gal, but it seems like there must be so many great talks from PN still unheard on much more pertinent topics. And while I’m at it, how about lining up another Shonagh Home sometime.

    Thanks for everything you do Lorenzo.

  3. Thanks Annie for this.

    now as to please’s crapola…
    “Promoting sex ACTS with “imagined” animals:
    1. Damages the LEGITIMACY of the project of deCRIMINLizing the medicine.
    2. Plays into the hands of drug POLICY MAKERS by portraying drug users
    as deranged individuals who are a threat to CIVIL SOCIETY.
    “Would be MENOPAUSAL activists take note, FUCK whatever you want,
    but please try to be a little less naive,
    the world is watching, think before you speak or publish.
    Some things are better left in the circle!
    Peoples lives and FREEDOM are AT STAKE!

    First please please PLEASE crawl back under the rock you came from.(and take your own advice as to not publishing)
    All of your fawning words and
    the slur on ‘menopausal’ folks puntuated with #1 expletive,
    bespeak to me of a source mentality living in fears, denial, and judgement who worships at the throne of -status quo vested authority. I can almost see you slashing the commentary arena with those old testament reified labels swords.
    In other words,
    Dont I smell a troll from the land of fasces carriers?
    The psychonaught would take admonitions from such a devil at her/his peril, eh?
    I would ask, Would you want honesty/transparency or dark secrecy to be most valued in your little fraction corner of the neoliberal universe?

  4. Lorenzo,
    while I can only donate at the beginning of next month I just need to say Thank You right now (once again); an amazing talk by Annie Oak and I love your comments around it.
    “Please”: Why would the “imaginary sex story” damage the legitimacy of decriminalising etc. etc. ?? Are erotic and sex really that bad? Like, you can’t be taken seriously on anything if you’re into sex? Come on!
    Love from Germany,

  5. Hey! I really like that you insist that we don’t use Google services in the light of recent surveillance revelations. And I completely disagree with previous commenter about just using more e-mail addresses on different services as a good idea to avoid data collection. Instead I think just quitting the major services is not enough. There’s a lot more you can do to increase your privacy and security on the internet. Using protocols like TOR and I2P is among them, but if you don’t use them for regular browsing you should at least get a good VPN (virtual private network) so you can hide your IP address. This is also good when using the previous mentioned protocols too so your ISP can’t determine if you’re using them or not. And then we have the in-browser tracking from social media, advertising companies, spyware, etc. If you install some plug-ins to Firefox like Ghostery you can disable most of the known ones. Also use BetterPrivacy to disable long-term cookies, and AdBlock to block all advertising. Don’t forget a good firewall too and use a free operating system. It’s much to think about, but you are really doing a great job with this Lorenzo for being so hard on us. 🙂 I myself need to quit Gmail, but it’s going to take time to migrate. That is all. Greetings from a snowy Sweden!

  6. Two comments:
    1. Thinking of the “elephant in the room” mentioned in this podcast – it has long occurred to me that the most pressing such question is the one brought up towards the end and then commented on by Lorenzo, regarding the cause of death of Terence McKenna. I think Annie is wrong about dimissing a mushroom-shaped cancer tumor as “just a case of cancer among others” (or something to that effect). In fact, Terence’s consumtion of psychedelics were exceptional in the sense that he took, and advocated, extremely large doses. Judging from his own accounts, he seems to have had experiences that few people share or can identify with – could this also be a result of his heavy dosage? I don’t know if there is any evidence whether heavy consumtion of certain brain-altering substances can affect abnormal neural growth, but surely it does not sound unreasonable? Mind you, Terence was not only an exceptional person but also has quite an exceptional lifestyle. Taking very large doses occasionally rather than small doses regularly is known to have detrimental effects as to e.g. alcohol, why would this not count for other drugs? In any case, thanks Lorenzo for adding that information about cell phones. It alleviates my concerns somewhat. 🙂
    2. About using gmail: I’m not convinced complete dismissal is the best solution (neither for drugs nor for email providers…). There is a middleground which I use myself and which might be more effective: just make sure you use more than one email accounts, preferably from competetive providers. This is not necessarily as complicated as it might sound; many people have for example one mail address for work and one for personal use, but you could also split your personal email in several accounts depending on what you use them for – travels, books, relatives, friends etc. Point being that google accumulates information based upon crosscoding data from different categories. Thus, if you “split up” your personality in different accounts (and accounts they cannot legally access), they will NEVER get that complete picture of your self – rather, you will mess it up for them. Remember “if you can’t beat them, join them”. In addition, join them in order to make them useless.

  7. andie:

    Promoting sex acts with “imagined” animals:

    1. Damages the legitimacy of the project of decriminalizing the medicine.

    2. Plays into the hands of drug policy makers by portraying drug users as deranged individuals who are a threat to civil society.

    “Would be menopausal activists take note, fuck whatever you want, but please try to be a little less naive, the world is watching, think before you speak or publish. Some things are better left in the circle! Peoples lives and freedom are at stake!


  8. Hey R,

    “Bestiality”…It’s nice that you’re concerned for the rights and wellbeing of an imaginary panther, but… Really? 🙂
    Or were you just concerned for the moral welfare of Ms. Oak?

    Yep, psychedelics can get pretty strange… Some of us see that as a positive thing! And believe it or not, ayahuasca is native to planet earth!

  9. Hey Lorenzo, did you forget to post that article about Google or did I just overlook it?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Oooops! Thanks for pointing that out. I just added the link now.]

  10. Annie,
    Beasteality may fit in with the decadent Burning Man culture, but it just makes you appear stranger then you may wish to be perceived back on planet earth.


  11. Hi Lorenzo!

    In a search for more Mckenna talks I stumbled upon a file on The piratebay with almost 500 files of video and audiofiles. All your podcasts with him in it (until podcast 225) are also in this file. This is how I got to know the psychedelic salon.

    I just wanted you to know that you may have more people listening to your podcasts than you think, becouse it circulates in other places aswell.

    Anyway, I got to know Terence’s work in 2007, becouse of my interests in DMT. His descriptions of the DMT experience are very pleasant to listen to but they are not similar to mine.

    I only did it once last year and i don’t know if i smoked Enough. So maybe next time i will see the entities that he discribes so elegantly. What I remember from my experience is a spinning rectangular object just throwing syntax, ideas and forgotten memories at me. Too much information at once actually. I also remember a great Emphasis on ‘De apen’ it’s Flemish for ‘the monkeys, or ‘the apes’. (same word in Dutch)
    I haven’t figured out what it meant and i don’t know if i ever will 😀

    I still listen to Terence’s fascinating talks on a regular basis. He opened the doors to the psychedelic community for me! In a way he led me to you and now you provide my food for thought, and new talks from other people!. 🙂

    So thanks a lot for what you do Lorenzo, you are great!

    Greetings from Belgium!

  12. Andie , I introduced my husband to Lorenzo and the Salon with exactly that description.

    I honestly day dream about meeting you Lorenzo . I imagine running into you in some serendipitous synchy way. And falling into easy conversation about the most interesting of things. You and my husband finding mutual interests….

    Okay it’s obvious I need to make it a priority to have actual contact with others ‘in the tribe’ .

    Or I’m a stalker.

    Psychadelic Mister Rogers , come hither!


    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Now that’s a funny image: Mr. Rogers being stalked!]

  13. I just would like to comment on the experience given by Annie oak that shonah had on psilocybin. Recently I had a trip that consisted on a full body orgasm that lasted what felt like 10 minutes this was amazing and beautiful. to hear that someone else had this same effect really touched me.

  14. Funny you should mention Mr. Rogers, Lorenzo. I recently described you to a friend as “the psychedelic Mr. Rogers” 🙂

    Your kindly manner and the way you speak directly to each one of us is reminiscent. Instead of putting out “shows” from performer to audience, you create a salon, a neighborhood, where we’re all hanging out together. It’s a very effective way of creating a sense of connection and involvement, even for those of us who aren’t always directly in touch with any of the “the others.” Thanks for all you do! 🙂

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks for the kind words.]

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