Podcast 383 – “A Psychedelic Point of View”


Guest speakers: Terence McKenna & Edward Snowden

Edward SnowdenPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“Everything flows. Nothing lasts.”

“Language is like an informational creature of some sort.”

“This problem of language is central, I think, to understanding the psychedelic experience.”

“Language is something unfinished in us. It is something that was catalyzed out of animal organization by hallucinogenic activation of brain states, and it is something that is in the act of perfecting itself.”

“When you go into a culture, you’re going to make a choice. And all cultures represent narrowing of choices.”

“We’re about to have a chance to create a global culture, to essentially clean our basement and decide what we’re going to save and what we’re going to keep.”

“It’s the monotheistic religions that have to take a real knock for the present situation.”

“Monotheism, as a philosophical reflex, is understandable but simple minded. It’s what an eight year old would get to.”

“Taking a psychedelic is an experiment. It’s not an act of religious devotion.”


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  1. “If that hasn’t happened in a year or so I’ll probably use those donations to upgrade some of the hardware that is used to produce the podcasts.”

    Of course you don’t mention whether that hardware is silicon or wet.. :p

  2. Could any of you beautiful people point me to the information about Bitcoin that Lorenzo mentioned in a podcast a while back? I do believe he talked about something, but I just don’t have the many hours it would take right now to go back to all the episodes listening for it. Sorry for the off-topic question, but I just wanted to access the wisdom of the Others for this if I could. There’s endless info on Bitcoin out there; I’m curious to know what Lorenzo specifically recommended. Many thanks.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Actually, the main thing that I said was that after several years of people suggesting that I accept Bitcoin donations I have finally set up a way to do that on our donations page. As far as my personal opinion about the long term possibilities of Bitcoin, I’m not yet convinced to move what little cash I have into Bitcoins. Instead, I’m just going to hold the Bitcoin donations until my Web hosting company accepts them for payment. If that hasn’t happened in a year or so I’ll probably use those donations to upgrade some of the hardware that is used to produce the podcasts. In short, I’m cautiously optimistic about the long term with Bitcoin.]

  3. I can not believe it. The @docventures guys in Finland just proposed #sometontammikuu which means a January without social media ]in Twitter[

    And they did it on Twitter in the last moment which is here 10 a.m. in 31. December.

    We also have a dropless January. But this someless Jan. seems far more plausible 4 me.

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