Podcast 327 – “Jesus, Aliens, and Ayahuasca”


Guest speaker: Jonathan Talat Phillips

Jonathan Talat PhillipsPROGRAM NOTES:

This podcast features a talk given by Jonathan Talat Phillips in Vancouver sometime earlier this year. In it, Jonathan tells the story of how, after a devastating loss as countercultural activist, he embarked on a mystical initiation involving underground ayahuasca ceremonies, kundalini awakenings, DMT cowboys, shapeshifting extraterrestrials at Burning Man, miraculous healings, and an international movement trailblazing visionary ways to help our planet in crisis. Along the way he uncovers the lost rites of the Christian mystery schools and secret “electric” messages for personal and global transformation.

Jonathan is the author of “The Electric Jesus: The Healing Journey of a Contemporary Gnostic.” He co-founded the cutting edge web-magazine Reality Sandwich and The Evolver Network, coordinating 40+ regional Evolver communities. He is a religion blogger for “The Huffington Post,” the creator of “The Ayahuasca Monologues: Tales of the Spirit Vine,” a Reiki Master and Bioenergetic Healer.


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  1. If a site is set up we could work on it…(?). Needs a map with stick pins to denote where people are (more or less) located. I’d make that interactive. Also, some basic rules, I don’t need to belong to a tribe that allows “anyone”. Not interested in joining “neonutballs” or purple coolaide drinkers. My site has a counter at the bottom that automatically tells me where someone is located who comes to my site…. that is what I’d use as a counter. A free download is available here: http://www.geovisite.com/en/

  2. I agree. This is great. Purchased his book immediately. I’d also never heard of the Evolve Network so this is exciting. Any updates on that idea for a Tribe website, Lorenzo?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: After taking my break I haven’t brought it back up. I’ll try to say something about it in my next podcast. There have been quite a few offers to help and several good suggestions. However, no one has yet stepped up and offered to take the lead/coordinating role.]

  3. Awesome.

    This is alike a newer young Terence McKenna. Please play more of this guy. Please everyone listen to this one…. GREAT!!!!


  4. In a very old Christian document, the Epistle of Mathetes to Diognetus, there is a description of Christians from the earliest days of what was a young and emerging doctrine of thought and belief:

    5:1 For Christians are not distinguished from the rest of mankind either in locality or in speech or in customs.
    5:2 For they dwell not somewhere in cities of their own, neither do they use some different language, nor practice an extraordinary kind of life.
    5:3 Nor again do they possess any invention discovered by any intelligence or study of ingenious men, nor are they masters of any human dogma as some are.
    5:4 But while they dwell in cities of Greeks and barbarians as the lot of each is cast, and follow the native customs in dress and food and the other arrangements of life, yet the constitution of their own citizenship, which they set forth, is marvelous, and confessedly contradicts expectation.
    5:5 They dwell in their own countries, but only as sojourners; they bear their share in all things as citizens, and they endure all hardships as strangers. Every foreign country is a fatherland to them, and every fatherland is foreign.
    5:6 They marry like all other men and they beget children; but they do not cast away their offspring.
    5:7 They have their meals in common, but not their wives.
    5:8 They find themselves in the flesh, and yet they live not after the flesh.
    5:9 Their existence is on earth, but their citizenship is in heaven.
    5:10 They obey the established laws, and they surpass the laws in their own lives.
    5:11 They love all men, and they are persecuted by all.
    5:12 They are ignored, and yet they are condemned. They are put to death, and yet they are endued with life.
    5:13 They are in beggary, and yet they make many rich. They are in want of all things, and yet they abound in all things.
    5:14 They are dishonored, and yet they are glorified in their dishonor. They are evil spoken of, and yet they are vindicated.
    5:15 They are reviled, and they bless; they are insulted, and they respect.
    5:16 Doing good they are punished as evil-doers; being punished they rejoice, as if they were thereby quickened by life.
    Translated fragment via Early Christian Writings

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