Podcast 135 – “The Dead, and the Sixties”


Guest speaker: Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia


Carolyn and Gerry GarciaIn this podcast we hear a talk given at the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland in March of 2008. The speaker is the one and only Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia, who has been a legendary figure in the psychedelic world since the early 1960s. Here is part of what Wikipedia has to say about Mountain Girl:

Carolyn Adams, (born May 6, 1946),[1] later known as Mountain Girl and Carolyn Garcia, was a Merry Prankster and the wife of Jerry Garcia. After growing up near Poughkeepsie, New York, Adams met Neal Cassady in 1964; who introduced her to Kesey and his friends, one of whom gave her the name “Mountain Girl”. Cassady took her to La Honda, Ken Kesey’s base of operations, where she quickly joined the inner circle of Pranksters and was romantically involved with Kesey, having a daughter by him named Sunshine.[2] The Grateful Dead song “Here Comes Sunshine” may or may not be an allusion to Adams’ and Kesey’s daughter (the Dead were fond of lyrics having double, often personal meanings).John Perry Barlow and Mountain Girl

Before actually marrying in 1981, Jerry Garcia and Adams had two daughters.[1] Garcia and Mountain Girl ultimately divorced in 1994,[1] however, they remained personal friends right up until Garcia’s death a few months later.

In her talk, Mountain Girl told many stories linking her time with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters to the evolution of the Grateful Dead and her life with Gerry Garcia and the rest of the band. This is perhaps one of the best encapsulations of The Sixties you will hear.


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    What an inspiring talk. She really is a bodhisattva, Lorenzo is right.

    Did anyone make out what she said her favorite song was, near the end? I would like to know…

    Hey Felix–It was hard to hear but I believe the song Mountain Girl mentioned was “Attics of my Life”. A great song choice and a really moving talk. Interesting too the question from Kat Harrison McKenna about how powerful culture-changing women relate to the powerful culture-changing men in their lives. This may be the hardest nut of all to crack in the shift. I know in my own life the balance between two psychedelic partners can be challenging/maddening. When you begin again, the male/female dance seems to be at the core of every move, and perhaps our oldest most fundamental “habit”. Who leads, who follows, when do we switch, what is written in the bone, and what is subject to reinterpretation and evolution? The depths of the self and the transpersonal and even trans-transpersonal that psychedelics reveal seem to push partners to truly strive for that elusive alchemical marriage of being “alone together.”

    I haven’t given up yet, but boy is it a challenge…

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