Podcast 111 – Establishing a Tribal Land Base


Guest speaker: Seabrook Leaf

Seabrook Leaf giving his 2007 Palenque Norte Lecture at the Burning Man Festival

Minutes : Seconds into program)

04:25 Lorenzo introduces Seabrook Leaf who then leads a playalogue titled “The Establishment of a Tribal Land Base” during the 2007 Burning Man festival.

06:44 Seabrook begins his rap. (See YouTube video beginning at 1:30)

11:30 Anonymous: “The coercive forces of control all work to keep people apart and separate, and so tribe is the healing medicine for that.”

12:05Anonymous: “You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose your family.”

14:47 Seabrook Leaf: “I think it’s clear that working together like we do at Burning Man is going to be a crucial part of surviving the shift. . . . And I think this is the crucial part of this kind of tribalism, whether it’s putting up a yurt or raising food in a garden, we’re going to have to get back to the basics.”

16:59 Dale Pendell begins telling about a cooperative community on San Juan Ridge he was a part of in the 60s.

18:57 Dale Pendell begins telling about the May Day and Halloween festivals that the San Juan Ridge community created.

22:35 Anonymous: “We spend most of our time in a cyber-tribe, and I still feel connected. I feel like maybe the future of tribalism is going to reach beyond geographical locations, because we can’t really afford to travel everywhere and meet all these different people.”

29:25 Anonymous: “How can we expand our acceptance of people as a whole, but recognize the reality of what we can manage in our day-to-day resources and things we have to do to provide for our community?”

36:22 Anonymous: “If it doesn’t grow out of the ground it came out of a mine.”

40:53 Anonymous: “Bring a love-consciousness, always, as the focus of us being awake now. It has never been more urgent.”

46:37 La: “And it just came up so big for me that we have to eliminate fear as our motivator. We have to use what we see around us clue us in, but not operate out of that distress. It’s so tricky, slippery.”

49:39 Anonymous: “So in the best of situations you can pick an environment that has what you imagine to be the least potential for social corruption, but at the same time there’s a very big wild card that comes with saying ‘Let’s plant this here but we don’t know what all the rest of our neighbors are going to be doing in twenty years.”

53:51 Dale Pendell: “It’s wonderful for a child to know where they came from, what their tribe is, and they have a place to come back to if what they rebelled against turns out to be better than they thought it was.”

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  1. Comments from original blog page: http://www.matrixmasters.net/blogs/?p=227

    Hey, Lorenzo. Thanks so much for the podcasts. They’re so righteously awesome.

    This shit really helps me keep my head on my shoulders while I’m at my corporate job. It really helps to hear conversations like this while I’m 9er 5ering, or whatever… I don’t work full time, so whatever.

    Anyway, it’s really cool to have such an awesome podcast to listen to. This one kinda depresses me in way, but also reminds me of some of the stuff I seem to forget when I get overly optimistic about a commune type scenario… I’d really like to develop one that becomes fairly large, but at the same, this episode has reminded me of the things I mustn’t forget when it comes to a larger scale tribal land plot……. I don’t know where I’m going with this, but whatever….

    It’s a FRIday night and needless to say, I’m… well, you know. I like the idea of starting with self though… I don’t remember who said it, but it was a good idea. Start small, branch out. It reminds me of a certain multi-level faux-pyramid scheme I recently got myself suckered into. Not in a bad way, but quite the contrary. I’m reminded of the “business replication” theory behind it all. It’s not nearly as bad as it seems, on the surface, anyhow (I won’t get into a whole lot on the multi-level thing, many of y’all probably already know). Lead by example, and that’s a wonderful concept…. It can work, it just needs to be worked in an appropriate global consciousness set and worldwide setting.

    Hmm, OK. I’m rambling now. Time to stop with this long-winded comment and go do it like I do it.

    · 137 weeks ago
    BTW, I know I rambled a lot there, but anyway…. I’m gonna do it. Anybody wants to come along, join me. Purchased land or not. Hell, why not go at it like a pot crop? Grow the food all remote and stuff and live somewhere near-by on state land… If protein becomes real necessary or animal food presents itself, it’s out there too.

    I don’t know where I’m going with that, but if ya gotta squat on some state land, do it. Just keep surviving on it. It’s probably do-able without introducing new or foreign plant/fungi/animal life to the area. Pick up a boyscout manual fer chrissake. Remember, we’ve already figured all kinds of ways to support mass amounts of human community life in areas with less than spectacular resources. Archaic revival doesn’t always have to be ENTIRELY archaic.

    as the bard so aptly phrased it, archaic revival doesn’t mean a return to the archaic : )

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