The Art of Gary Fisher

One day while I was visiting with Gary Fisher he told me that he had been cleaning out his files, and that he was going to throw away the photos and copies of various paintings he had done. However, he said that if I wanted them I could have them. Of course, there was no way I was going to let him throw out this record of many of his works of art. So I took the little plastic bag containing the photos and paper copies of his work.

I have now scanned all of these images. Where Gary had written information on the paper copies I left that in the scans that you see below. On some of the photos he had added information about their title and size. That information I added below the images. These scans do not really do justice to the quality of Gary’s work, but at least we have an approximation of the art of Gary Fisher.

Click on a thumbnail below to view a medium sized image on its own page. Click that image to get the full sized view.

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