Podcast 694 – The Art of Dying


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Guest speakers: Ram Das and Dr. Kenneth Ring


Ram Das and a young Lorenzo

Today’s podcast features two speakers, Ram Das and Dr. Kenneth Ring. Their topic is death! Unless you have come up with a plan to avoid dying, you may find some interesting observations from these talks.

Dr. Ring, one of the world’s leading experts on the Near Death Experience (NDEs), describes NDEs as being along the same lines as are stories about high-dose psychedelic experiences.

Ram Das talks about why people avoid thinking about death and suggests ways to overcome this mental block. He also describes what I consider to be the worst possible setting for an acid trip.

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  1. Sorting through Lorenzo’s surely voluminous archives to find a recording of this ancient get-together is such a surprise gift, especially for those of us from the Sixties who can no longer consider death an abstract event. The Salon is surely the only place where a recording as rare as this one can be found. Ram Dass’ brief account of accompanying Ginny Pfeiffer’s death in 1973 is something only we fortunate few Saloners are privileged to hear described. Also unique in this recording is learning how much LSD Laura administered to Aldous as he died. It might have been in Laura’s book but if it was I’ve forgotten. In this talk we learn it was 100 mics. Ram Dass’ comment that a larger amount might have been better is reminescent of Tim’s predictable advice to always “up the dose” when in doubt.

    Ram Dass mentions how important the Tibetian Book of the Dead was to them (Leary, Metzner, Alpert) early on in their work and in their writing of The Psychedelic Experience. The original translator (Walter Evans-Wentz) of the Book of the Dead into English lived and worked here in the Cuyamacas, just east of San Diego. It all fits together in mysterious ways, the Salon so delightfully reminds us.

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