Podcast 644 – “The Rose of Paracelsus” – Chapter 1


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Guest speakers: Leonard Pickard, Ralf Jeutter, Nese Devenot, Julian Vayne, and Nikki Wyrd


Today’s podcast features a reading of Chapter 1 of The Rose of Paracelsus by the author, Leonard Pickard. Additionally, there is commentary by Ralf Jeutter, Nese Devenot, Julian Vayne, and Nikki Wyrd. This podcast was produced by the Lakey sisters, Kat and Alexa. Psychedelic Salon podcast number 609, “The Rose Garden Introduction”, provides an overview of this project, which begins today with a reading of Chapter 1.

00:00 Kat and Alexa’s Intro
08:00 Title and Epigraphs
09:18 Author’s Note
10:53 An Invitation
12:12 Report to the Human Subjects Committee
15:20 Chapter 1 Part 1
01:04:07: Chapter Break and Commentary from Nese Devenot Part 1
01:17:32 Chapter 1 Part 2
01:51:42 Ralf Jeutter Commentary Part 1
02:01:20 Nese Devenot Commentary Part 2
02:11:11 Ralf Jeutter Commentary Part 2
02:23:17 Julian Vayne and Nikki Wyrd Commentary
02:29:50 Kat and Alexa’s Sign Off

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  1. Lorenzo, thank you for your service to the world of psychedelics. I am grateful for all the psychonauts you have exposed me to. Most recently Leonard Picard. I work as a drug and alcohol counselor and have witnessed up close and personal the war on people in a system that is deplorable. I have also witnessed men and women caught in this system addicted to alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine. I myself am recovering. Bill Wilson co founder of A.A. used LSD and found the experience profound. I have also discovered new worlds with psychedelics. I am enjoying The Rose of Paracelsus… a beautiful book

  2. While I’d LOVE to read this book I’m well aware I’d find it hard to find the time (and the attention span (damn you smartphone)) to read it. Thank you so much for liberating this text into audio form so I can enjoy on my commutes and while doing the housework!

  3. I really enjoyed the reading from the book, some beautiful imagery and I am greatly intrigued to meet the other shades of chemist. What’s not so beautiful is the placement of the analysis. I didn’t like the mid chapter break so that someone could give there opinion on what we just heard when we were only a bit of the way through the reading. I felt it kind of broke the flow up a bit too much. Is it possible to contain this analysis instead to the end of the chapter in the forthcoming episodes? Despite this it was a great listen and I am looking forward to hearing more. Keep up the good work Lozza and the Lakey sisters.

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