Podcast 545 – “Current Research and Future Trends of Psychedelics, Stanford 2/3/91”


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Guest speakers: Bruce Eisner, David Nichols, Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, Richard Yensen, and Timothy Leary


Date this lecture was recorded: February 3, 1991

Dr. Albert Hofmann

Today’s podcast features a panel discussion that took place at a psychedelic conference that was held at Stanford University in February of 1991, which is before the World Wide Web came into existence. At the time, conferences such as this were the primary means of communicating information about psychedelics to the public-at-large. Participants were: Bruce Eisner, David Nichols, Rick Doblin, Charles Grob, Richard Yensen, and Dr. Timothy Leary who, in addition to his own comments, also provided some amusing running commentary during several of the other talks. And we get to hear a young Rick Doblin give one of his most detailed descriptions about how he first came to become involved in psychedelic research.


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  1. Wow!! This was an incredible podacast.. so ahead of the curve. Very inspiring. I took my first psychedelics in 1990 at the age of 18..at the time I had no idea these conferences were taking place. The reputation of psychs has come quite a way since then…thank Lorenzo for such important content.

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