Podcast 523 – “Coalitions for Freedom”


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Guest speaker: Grover Norquist

Jon Hanna delivering the first Palenque Norte Lecture at the 2003 Burning Man FestivalPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: All quotations are by Grover Norquist.]

“You don’t lose something because of partisan fights at the state level.”

“States rights is a stupid concept, since states don’t have rights. People have rights. States have power they use against people.”

“People who have concealed carry permits go to jail or get in trouble with the law one-sixth as often as cops. So they’re safer than cops.”

“All the groups that want to be left alone have something to teach each other.”


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My first Burning Man:
Confessions of a conservative from Washington
by Grover Norquist in The Guardian


Altered Conference

22 October, 2016, at Topics Berlin
A conference exploring altered states of consciousness

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  1. I believe Norquist has a script. I believe he is an establishment plant. First off, he is advocating Confederacy, a real ‘no-no’ Federally (the establishment with legal precedent is Federal, not State nor local). Secondly, his aspirations are for “Liberty”. Liberty is granted by the Conservator. Some of us are seeking Freedom, unrestricted by a Conservator (who grants leave to those in the conserved human resources). We’d prefer our communications be un-spied upon, because we assume responsibility to be good citizens without contest. So, why are we not granted such freedom to speak openly without contest? Why are the fiscal information cullers supported by the government, when all communication devices can be safety compromised in favor of those who cull information for profit? Why does he provide examples of Colombian drug dealers for his Federal tax scenario? Colombian drug dealers don’t pay US Federal taxes, what does he think of the audience if he proposes this shite??? (Tired of having my intelligence insulted, here.) All cannabis dealers know they can’t put that money in the bank, and they can’t pay federal taxes on it. He is talking about Civil War: Confederate action against the Federal Government,,, enforceable by the law. Simply, he is advocating conflict, period. Conflict is expensive, legally and with regard to life-hours behind bars. And he wants DC’s operations to operate like Burning Man??? His idea of Free Trade is what? That the money rolls downhill to the US from the trade? Sick. “If the other team is committing suicide, shut up”, so he is a separatist??? Duh… We’re all in this together, period. He is proposing conflict, and a Confederate agenda which is Federally illegal. Follow this man str8 to Hell. His reference to the First Amendment to the Constitution has provided no sovereignty since the First Amendment has been compromised… Was Burning Man a Free Speech Zone? Was a Secret Service Agent present??? If so, prosecution is imminent. If not, what is he inciting?

  2. Just to counter Perry’s comment here, I loved this talk. (I actually listened to it). Very interesting, and I think he has a lot to offer for anyone who considers expanding freedoms an important cause. (Which, I would assume, the Burner and psychedelic community in general would agree is an important cause). To the Liberal-minded listeners: this is not a waste of time. Reach out and take a minute to listen to the other side.

  3. Unusual guest for a “psychedelic” podcast, to say the least. Once was enough for me and the printed quotes don’t persuade me to listen to this guy again. Sorry Lorenzo, while it may be unfair of me to post a comment without listening, I’ll be skipping this episode.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: This is why it’s time for me to turn over the programming to our fellow saloners. Why don’t you join our Slack team and become involved in the discussions as to how we should go about selecting programs in the Salon 2.0.]

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