Podcast 466 – “This Is An Incredible Moment”


Guest speaker: Rick Doblin
The MAPS Zendo at the 2006 Burning Man Festival


[NOTE: All quotations are by Rick Doblin.]

“When we take a psychedelic drug and material emerges from our unconscious . . . it’s not a psychedelic experience, it’s a human experience that psychedelics have catalyzed.”

“One of the most successful exports of the United States is the drug war.”

“Mescaline is the most important psychedelic drug that is not being researched.”


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Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

Why I am not going to Burning Man this yearby Daniel Pinchbeck

Podcast 432 featuring Rachel Hope

Confessions of an Ecstasy Advocate
(Video interview with Lorenzo)

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  1. again.. richard rockefeller.. The rockefeller are pests!! they do bad to this world!

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: You say: “The rockefeller are pests!!”, which reminds me of the governor of the state of Maine who says “All marijuana users should be shot.” Broad generalizations like that are an indication of a very small mind.]

  2. In the question from the audience about mescaline, at 57:23, the asker says in passing that mescaline is the love of his life, second only to his daughter, “…that I can order and make myself…”.

    Huh? Really? For years mescaline has been the one that got away, that some people have fond memories of from the 70s or earlier, but that no one has seen or heard of being available anywhere since, that even my connection to exotic psychedelics has not seen for ages & asked to be told at once if it ever becomes available. And this guy, in 2014 (the year of this talk, I believe) is somehow ordering & making himself!

    How? Where? What does he mean by making it himself? I assume when he says he can order it, he means legally & online. But how & what is it he’s ordering? Precursor chemicals that can be turned into mescaline in the kitchen? Or does he have a chemistry lab in his home?

    Can anyone shed light on this fascinating hint? Or point the way to an answer if uncomfortable with spelling it out explicitly?

  3. Lorenzo is a burner. Daniel is a journalist. A journalist reports
    on burning man, a burner is burning man. I’ll be 73 in ’22 if i’m
    still here i’ll be there.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: That now makes three of us: Bruce Damer, Niles, and me.]

  4. Lorenzo has spent enough time actively supporting the community to have earned the right to sit back and moan from the sidelines if he wants to. And everything is says is dead on.

    The political commentary on this podcast is one of the best things about it. You shouldn’t ever feel the need to apologise for it Lorenzo.

    There’s some pretty hard-hitting commentary on youtube about Burning Man from a guy calling himself Anarchist Gringo. If you google that name you can see it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgH1n-YgDO0)

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Thanks! And for what it’s worth, Bruce Damer and I are thinking about organizing a mega-elder’s edition of Palenque Norte at the the 2022 Burning Man Festival. If we do, we’ll call it the “If I’m Still Alive Tour”, because at that time he will be 60 and I will be 80. We’re hoping to get some other old-elders to sign up also, no commitment other than still being alive on that date :-). So while we aren’t fans of the billionaire’s boys club at the burn, we’re still burners at heart.]

  5. burningman is what we the participants have made it. Raiding a camp
    putting up artificial barriers is appropriate action. Bemoaning their
    existence and removing ones self is not.

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