Podcast 278 – “Oscar Janiger Interviewed by Peter Gorman”


Guest speakers: Oscar Janiger and Peter Gorman


[NOTE: All quotations are by Oscar Janiger.]

[In regards to the dangers of taking LSD]
“Not everybody is committed to go to Everest. Not everybody is going to go to the Serengeti and shoot lions or whatever you want. These are risk-taking adventures. There are people courageous and adventuresome enough who are willing to do it, and when you do it you study your risks.”

“You can die of over taking aspirin and drinking too much water, but [not] LSD, and by the way, there is no evidence of physical death from marijuana either.”

“It’s just the same as we go back to Everest, you can fall of the fuckin’ mountain. That’s all there is to it. I’m not going to make any apologies for that. You’ve got to be prepared. You know that old adage that LSD favors the prepared mind.”

“[The Sixties was] a time when people began to see that what was laid down for them as obligatory reality was not obligatory.”


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Peter Gorman’s 1993 interview with Dr. Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann.org (online Hofmann Foundation papers)

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  1. What I always wondered about Dr. Janiger’s (& other psychedelic docs) was how anyone could afford eight or ten hours of psychiatrist’s time at a shot? Is that why we read about movie stars & so forth doing this?

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