Podcast 173 – Shulgin: “How I Go About Inventing New Drugs”


Guest speaker: Sasha Shulgin

Sasha Shulgin & Jim KetchumPROGRAM NOTES:

[NOTE: The two quotations below are by Sasha Shulgin.]

“Internally, no one’s an elder. Internally everyone’s kinda around 35 or so.”

“The people at the industry said, ‘Gee, if you have that kind of imagination that you can look at a structure and guess at another structure that might be active, why don’t you just do whatever you want to do.’ And I did.”

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    Yet another awesome podcast! Just wanted to thank you Lorenzo, for all the greatest info and links you supply our headz! A little while back I saw you posted a link to some audio for the 08 Shamanism Conference over at lancerules, and I really got a kick out of Ananda Bosmans presentation, synchronistially, I came upon the DVD and uploaded it to youtube for you all to see. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=B325D65E9
    I apologize for presenting this here in the comments, I searched for hours to try and find your email, I even tried to sign up for Tribe to contact you there but it wouldnt send me a verification email for some odd reason. Anyways thanks again and I hope you get a kick out of it, I sure know I did!

    Thanks for the kind words … my email, FYI, is lorenzo (a) matrixmasters (dot) com (hopefully not too many new spammers will scrape that!

    But the best way to contact me lately is via FaceBook. Just search for Lorenzo Hagerty, and I’ll be happy to link to you.

    Hey Lorenzo,

    Thanks for the great program. This is the first I have heard of Dr. Shulgin’s loss of sight—do you have any other information about this or know where I can find some?

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