Podcast 011 – “Culture and Ideology are not your friends”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna



A talk by Terence McKenna in Denver – April 1999


“This is a struggle between novelty and habit.” . . . “[Your culture] is the greatest barrier to your enlightenment, your education, and your decency.” . . . Cultures are virtual realities made of language.”

One of the things Terence covers in this talk is his take on virtual reality, VR. On February 25th, about two months before this talk, Terence participated in an experiment in avatar-based random in 3D virtual worlds on the Internet.

“We were operating live from Terence’s jungle retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii on a wireless packet radio network. The hosting area was finished off in the couple of hours before we went live at 3 pm Hawaii time. Fans were already arriving by that time and helping out by finding audio files to be linked in, images and other Terence netmorabilia. Approximately 40 fans showed up with very short notice from an announcement posted on Terence’s fan lists. Another 20 or show streamed in for days after the event, to be met by “super fan” Roy Batty. In the meantime, see Cathie Leavitt’s “Trip Report” for an excellent first hand newbie view of the experience.” [From DigitalSpace.com . . . article about Terence and 3D virtual worlds]


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    drlaura · 123 weeks ago
    jan 17 ’08 –
    am listening to this tonight… as i work through from 001 [and skipping around too]

    speaking of VR,

    i have a comment about the “second life” site. does it count as VR?

    i went to “second life” to see what it was about after hearing whosis on NPR talk about it on Science Friday.

    it happens that i have a program called Peer Guardian- for self-protection thanks to a friend.


    anyway, while i was on the second life site i had a huge huge huge number of hits

    on my computer from “time-life” and some other sites… over 25 in under 2 min and enough to be wholly creeped out!!

    I think Lorenzo would know more about all this, to explain to us what’s happening and whether i should be scared.

    but i sure am not going back.

    blessings, :L


    ps by the way, if you watch what sites are blocked, you will see a huge number of chinese government sites… they are really “watching” their people!

    fun-da-mental · 52 weeks ago
    What a great inspiration coming directly from the source!

    It inspired me to update my little essay about reality tunnels. (Virtual reality worlds can be compared to reality tunnels:
    http://www.ultrafeel.tv/reality-tunnel-how-belief… )

    I wonder what’s the latest on this Omega number that Terence talked about. Is it still accepted in the scientific community? Does the universe really expand more and more, forever, FASTER and FASTER ?!

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