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  1. Hey Lorenzo…
    I interviewed Tim Scully this weekend and am wondering if I can send you the recording to turn into a possible podcast for the Salon?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: That would be fantastic! I’ll contact you via email today.]

  2. I have a direct experience with the hypothesis you propose in episode 615 if you’re interested to hear how two of us communed in dmt space

  3. I love the recordings you share & have listened for years, shared with friends & family for years… I am sincerely grateful for your dedication to sharing these rich and important recordings.
    I humbly ask, dearest brother, that you self-promote a little less. Many of your podcast comments are about yourself or come across as overly self-involved, making it difficult to listen to the podcast sometimes. My other friends feel the same… I believe you are a kind and wonderful human-being. It’s not an easy thing to hear nor to write this… so please imagine these words from a friend you haven’t yet met, and forgive me if this seems harsh to hear. I adore what you give to the world. I hope you never stop, and may your endeavors be continually prosperous & fulfilling to your heart.
    In gratitude…

  4. I used to post on the Psychedlic Salon Forum and I was wondering if this is still available? I was hoping to find an old thread in there. Thank you.

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Although I haven’t been out there for a while, I just now logged in, and it seems to be working OK. There hasn’t been much activity there lately, however.]

  5. Hi Lorenzo,
    I’ve been listening happily since the salon first started, I should have sent this thank you note years ago. I’ve gained hours if insight, understanding and healing from your efforts at the salon and wish I could express better what I think the opportunity of the salon represents when available to so many people. All thanks to your life and work. So glad to have you around, and thanks again. Dan D, Colorado.✊

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