The Psychedelic Community
The Blockchain


In the beginning there was the personal computer. Then came the Internet with its World Wide Web. Now another new wave of technology has begun to wash up on our beaches, and it is called the blockchain. In essence, blockchain technology eliminates the need for trusted third parties to regulate agreements, such as wills, deeds, and bills of sale. It also provides a means to secure one’s identity and lock in ownership of digital goods. Before this century has passed, most people will have already forgotten what it was like to live in a highly regulated capitalist society where lawyers and courts held sway. A new way of interacting with our fellow humans has begun, and the psychedelic community is perfectly poised to take advantage of this new technology in ways unimagined just a few years ago. This paper describes just one instance of how the blockchain will allow the psychedelic community to create its own version of an “incubator” that its members can use to fund artistic and business projects in the form of a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO).

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION . . . more to follow soon on our forums . . . stay tuned.]