Podcast 245 – “UFOs: Angels Aliens & Archetypes”


Guest speaker: Terence McKenna

NOTE: This podcast is a “companion” to KMO’s podcast #224 “Viral Disclosure”, which you may also find quite interesting.

[September 27, 2010 PRESS CONFERENCE UPDATE: Aliens ‘hit our nukes’: They even landed at a Suffolk base, claim airmen

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[NOTE: All quotations are by Terence McKenna.]

“The more serious contenders [for explanations of UFO phenomena] as explanations, I think, fall into three categories. Is it us? Are we being visited? Or is there another tenant in the building that we are unaware of?”

“… and there always seem to be loose ends that argue against whatever hypothesis seems currently most attractive. . . . If the contactee will truly tell the unvarnished truth then there will be elements in the story which will make the contactee look like a moron. In other words, the invalidation of the experience is an inimical part of its structure.”

Jung - Flying Saucers“So if the UFO phenomenon is something that is coming from us, then what is it, and what is it for?”

“I tend to lean toward the notion that the UFO problem, like many subtle problems, is haunted by our own naivete concerning language.”

“There is a curious fuzziness about the most mundane parts of reality when we really attempt to magnify and understand them in the clear light of consciousness.”

“To my mind, if the UFO phenomena is something arising out of the super-ego of the human psychic organization, then we should ask why. What is it doing?”

“[UFOs] are an antidote to the scientific paradigm that has evolved over the past 400 years and which has led us to the brink of global catastrophe.”
“The fact that an idea is preposterous has never held it back from making zealous converts.”

“I believe that that is the purpose of the UFO, to inject uncertainty into the male-dominated, paternalistic, rational, solar myth under which we are suffering.”

“[Science] is not some meta-theory at whose feet every point of view from astrology to acupressure to channeling need be laid to have the hand of science announce thumbs up or thumbs down.”

“What assurance do we have that the several million life forms that we know to exist on this planet all evolved here? Do we have any assurance?”

“I think we are discovering in our own psychic structure the potential, the possibility, of a relationship with an intelligent species outside ourselves, and this raises for us all the tensions, all the issues, that accompany an adolescent love affair.”

ValleeInvisibleCollege“What is happening on this planet is the self-reflecting genesis of communication for itself. It is language, somehow, that is loose in our species, on our planet, within and without the flying saucer.”

“So, communication, which we take astonishingly for granted considering the very basic kinds of needs that we communicate to each other, is actually the great frontier of our spiritual becoming.”

“Radical freedom doesn’t mean giving someone the vote. Radical freedom means the right to take over and control our own destiny and the destiny of this planet. Radical freedom means recovering our birthright.”

“What would you think if somebody attempted to take your sexuality away from you. In the suppression of the psychedelic experience the masters who make the rules have taken away a major slice of what it is to be a human being.”

“We have been robbed of our birthright by the frightened, the constipated, the narrow minded, the stupid, and the afraid. Take back your mind. Take back your mind. That is the message.”

“The psychedelic experience is the replay of human history in the individual mind.”

“What virtual reality holds out is the possibility that we can create a language where we see what we mean. If we could see what we mean we would have a kind of telepathy.”

“Ego is something invented by frightened people 20,000 years ago as a way to suppress women, as a way to suppress sexuality, as a way to suppress the wonder inherent in the world.”TankManPhoto

“The entire universe of matter is the womb of mind.”

“This is why psychedelics are illegal. They don’t care whether people jump out of windows or any of that. They’re not interested in public health. They do not want people to take back their minds.”

“We are responsible for ourselves, and we will set the agenda for the human future.”


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  1. Hey Lorenzo,

    i really enjoy listening to your podcasts! I usually hear them in my car while driving to and back from work. Very inspiring. I didn’t get any talks from bittorrent yet, so this site is my only source of information from the psychedelic world. And i think i prefer it this way, since i like listening to your introductions, too. Keep posting the good stuff 🙂

    Greetings from a german tribe member

  2. Lorenzo,

    While this may not be the most rare McKenna talk out there, I find relistening to any of them almost always yeild some great ‘nuggets’ to think about, considering you may have a different perspective since the last time. So many great quotes in the show notes also. Hard to pick a favorite, but I like the second to last. Just want to say thanks a bunch for the positive vibe your creating by posting these for us so often. Have a good one!

  3. Thanks for posting these podcasts. But seriously, this one can be had off any bittorent and has been floating around for a long time. How about using your expertise to get us some more difficult ones. We were hoping you could dig up a rare Tim Leary talk where he talks about how more people know Bill Cosby than their own neighbor and how that particular electronic situation came about. A really amazing speech and impossible to find! How about that one?? Thanks.

    • RE: “A really amazing speech and impossible to find!”

      Unfortunately, I am only capable of doing the possible. I too find the impossible to be impossible. However, should you ever come across that talk and send me a copy I would be happy to podcast it :-).

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