Podcast 541 – “The Divine Feminine”


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Guest speaker: Dr. Rachel Harris


Date this lecture was recorded: May 2017

Today we feature the second of two interviews with Rachel Harris, author of Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety. In an earlier episode in the Salon2 series, we heard Rachel in her very professional mode, every bit the Ph.D. that she is. In this episode of the salon we get to experience another side of Rachel, the everyday human side. Not that we don’t get the benefit of her extensive background, research, and practical experience, but in this enjoyable conversation between her and our own Shonagh Home that is more like an everyday conversation between two long time friends. Even if you think that you know all about Rachel’s new book, you won’t want to miss this podcast.


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Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home

Shonagh Home is a shamanic therapist, teacher, writer and poet. Her specialized private sessions and retreats are probing and revelatory, assisting clients to break chronic, self-defeating patterns, and move into empowered personal sovereignty. Shonagh is an international public speaker on the subject of visionary shamanic-spirit medicine, a voice for stewardship of the honeybees, and a teacher on the subject of Traditional Foods. She is author of the books, ‘Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine,’ ‘Love and Spirit Medicine,’ ‘Poetic Whispers from the Green Realms,’ and ‘Honeybee Wisdom: A Modern Melissa Speaks.’

Website: www.shonaghhome.com

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