Podcast 182 – “The Spark of Divine Creativity”

Guest speaker: Missy & Andre Nobels, Mateo Pallamary PROGRAM NOTES: MATEO: “Here’s the thing about divine creativity, and that really pegs it because creation is divine, and we are creators. And when we tap into that cosmic oneness and unity, spirit comes through, and we give ourselves up to spirit and allow spirit to move […]

Podcast 132 – McKenna: “Shamanism”

Guest speakers: Terence McKenna and Matt Pallamary NEW! … Two of Matt Pallamary’s books are now available on Kindle: Spirit Matters … Kindle Edition Land Without Evil … Kindle Edition PROGRAM NOTES: [NOTE: The following quotes are by Terence McKenna.] “Shamanism is not some obscure concern of cultural anthropologists. Shamanism is how religion was practiced for […]

Podcast 089 – “Ayahuasca: Diet, Rituals, and Powers”

Guest speaker: Matt Pallamary PROGRAM NOTES: (Minutes : Seconds into program) 04:48 Matt: “Ayahuasca doesn’t hide anything. . . . It can amplify perceptions, but it can also amplify fears or shadow aspects of yourself, the dark you’ve been avoiding. Ayahuasca has an intelligence to it that seeks out your fear and exploits it, and it’s […]

Podcast 080 – Adventures of an Urban Shaman

Guest speaker: Matt Pallamary PROGRAM NOTES: (Minutes : Seconds into program) 12:18 Matt provides some background information about his wild youth. 20:37 Some thoughts about what at what age it is best to begin deeply exploring one’s consciousness through the use of sacred medicines. 21:31 “This is one of the key tenants of shamanism, all […]