Podcast 116 – “Techno Pagans at the End of History”

Guest speakers: Terence McKenna and Mark Pesce PROGRAM NOTES: (Minutes : Seconds into program) 04:40 – Mark Pesce: “I knew that part of my own destiny as connected with virtual reality wasn’t to escape into another dimension but to find a way to make real to us the things that we can’t always see because we […]

Podcast 115 – “Bios and Logos”

Guest speaker: Mark Pesce PROGRAM NOTES: (Minutes : Seconds into program) [NOTE: All quotations below are by Mark Pesce.] 11:35: “The singularity is how Terence’s idea of the Eschaton is working its way now into popular cultures through scientists.” 16:42: “There are periods of time when your DNA isn’t doing anything at all, when it’s quiescent. And at […]

Podcast 079 – Feilding and Pesce at Burning Man

Guest speakers: Amanda Feilding and Mark Pesce PROGRAM NOTES: Amanda Feilding (Minutes : Seconds into program) 05:30 “Britain is America’s greatest ally in all the dreadful things it is doing at the moment, the war on terror and the war on drugs. And without Britain America would feel isolated.” 07:12 Amanda discusses the new scale […]

Podcast 048 – 2006 Palenque Norte Lectures Sample

Guest speakers: Mark Pesce, Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, and Nick Sand PROGRAM NOTES: This was the most ambitious schedule yet for the Palenque Norte lectures, 39 speakers in four days. Thanks to the good folks at Entheon Village who provided the facility, which was one of the largest tents on the playa […]