Salon2 056 – “The Harvard Psychedelic Club”


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Guest speaker: Gunther Weil

Gunther Weil

Gunther Weil


Today’s podcast from our Psychedelic Salon 2.0 track features some epic stories from a psychonaut who’s seen it all. His name is Gunther Weil.
Gunther escaped the Holocaust, worked with Tim Leary on the LSD Concord Prison Experiment, worked on Aerosmith’s first album, recieved a Ph.D. from Harvard, and hung out with Alan Watts, Alan Ginsberg, and Ram Dass.
These are his tales of adventure, curiosity, betrayal, and triumph. Gunther Weil shares with us a life of stories and adventures from political uprisings, government drug experiments, and his first-hand view from the start of a cultural revolution.

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