Salon2 048 – “Mystical Systems and Psychedelics”


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Guest speaker: Daniel Greig


Date this lecture was recorded: 2018

Daniel Greig studies cognitive science and philosophy. His lectures on psychedelics incorporate magic and mysticism. He uses the language of psychology and neuroscience. It makes for a fascinating mix.
In this episode we will be hearing about his unique views on how these drugs are illuminated by the mystical systems of the past.


Daniel Greig ‘The Psychedelic State’


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  1. Just one further note. This is an excellent interview, good job of getting the key ideas to unfold naturally and thoroughly. Th interplay of minds was very cool.

  2. Grieg delves into the unlocking and nourishment of our internal visual and symbolic language, the diction as it were of the language of dreams, visions, mystical and visionary systems of meaning- patterns of perceiving the pattern and flow that transcend the linearity of verbal and written methods. Cultivating a symbolic language is as much a scientific process as a musical, artistic or mystical approach. The question that is most intriguing to me in his conversation with Lex is the suggestion that imagination can influence physical reality in a direct , seemingly magical way. I personally think the accounts of Wovoka, Jesus or many other Shamanic figures from yogis living on light to Crazy Horse riding through gunfire unharmed are records of real examples of this potential.
    As an artist I find that mystical visions and their contents are a compressed version of the language of nature itself: the flow of waters, fires, organic, crystalline, plant, animal, fungal, light ….and that wisdom traditions are humans trying to properly harmonize with the language of god/nature/reality. In my experience this compression of meaning unfolds over time as I relate to it via meditation and art-making.

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