Salon2 043 – “Psychedelic Charleston”


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Date this lecture was recorded: May 23, 2017

From the May 23, 2017 stop on the Blue-Dot tour, a psychedelic storytelling session in Charleston, South Carolina that served as the launch event for our friends at the Society for the Exploration of Altered States.

Society for the Exploration of Altered States

Society for the Exploration of Altered States

Charleston, SC
182 Consciousness Explorers

MISSION: The Society for the Exploration of Altered States (SEAS) is an inclusive community of people who have experienced Altered States of Consciousness (ASC) and those who …

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Sunday, May 20, 2018, 2:00 PM
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  1. Dear Lorenzo –
    Thank you for including us with”Homeland” on your current podcast. It was truly an honor to be back to back (& in such good company) with the great Phil Ochs. I enjoyed the psychedelic testimonials as well. Thomas and I will let you know when our next CD compendium is released, “Don’t Get Owned”. Further delving into mind exploration and social commentary, should be very soon. All the Best, Marc Theobald/The Imperfectionists .

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: I truly enjoyed listening to your music . . . it reminds me of my younger years 🙂 ]

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