Salon2 041 – “Psychedelic Stories from Atlanta”


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Guest speakers: Various

Psychedelic AtlantaPROGRAM NOTES:

Date this lecture was recorded: May 17, 2017

Today’s Salon2 podcast features a few psychedelic stories from a wonderful hot night in Atlanta. Thanks to Moshe Jacobson for making the night happen.

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  1. Finally got around to listening to this one! Thanks for the shoutout Lorenzo 🙂 I have a somewhat funny/surprising story about those early days listening to the Salon and Dopecast.. Remind me and I might share at one of these zoom conferences! Hope to join again soon

  2. These story accounts were like any other experiential account and are not truly representative of a life overall. They are a snapshot and potentially inaccurate of a persons trajectory in life. I may feel great after something good happens in my life one day but feel really bad if something unwanted happens the next day. How is it even possible to get the real picture if there is no follow up of these people into the future?

    The young lady sounded somewhat psychotic, confused and directionless. I hope she is able to settle down and find true peace of mind.

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