Salon2 034 – “Psychedelic Chemistry”


Guest speaker: Dave Nichols

Photo of David Nichols by Jon Hanna from the vault of Dr. Nichols

Photo by Jon Hanna from the vault of Dr. David Nichols


Year this lecture was recorded: 2017

As the founding president of the Heffter Research Institute, a chemist who crafted some of the most important research molecules of this generation and a leader in the psychedelic community, we’re pleased to present an interview with Dr. David Nichols.

He talks about the impetus for his interest in these molecules, the potential dangers of microdosing and the feelings of a chemist whose creations escaped the laboratory and – while doing much good – also caused harm.


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Microdosing with LSD and its Research Potential

Legal highs: the dark side of medicinal chemistry

Review of psychedelics by Dr. Nichols:

LSD Neuroscience – David E. Nichols at Psychedelic Science 2017

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  1. Looking forward to this one. Any new McKenna coming down the line at some point?

    [COMMENT by Lorenzo: After I podcast this year’s Palenque Norte talks I’ve got a couple more ‘Terence’ to play.]

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