Salon2 031 – “The Sacred Cactus”


Guest speaker: Sergey Baranov

Sergey Baranov

Sergey Baranov


Year this lecture was recorded: 2017

The path to peyote for a Russian seeker named Sergey Baranov. Throughout communities spanning the Americas, Sergey explored plant medicines and even faced a near-death experience before finally settling in Peru and founding the ‘Cactus House’ where he now leads ceremonies.

Sergey Baranov’s Website:


His Facebook page:

Path: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies by Sergey Baranov

“Mescaline: An Ancient Medicine for the Soul” by Sergey Baranov

“Huachuma – The Visionary Cactus from the Peruvian Andes” by Sergey Baranov

Meetings with Sergey Baranov: Sacrifice Your Fears for Your Vision


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  1. Yet another great interview from Lex!
    Sergey also appears in Podcast 498 – “Where The Wild Things Grow” with Nathan Ehrlich.

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